Friday, March 4, 2011

>> nerd guy = my type..

yes.. for your information.. i really like nerd-looking guy.. people may think that i'm weird.. but i do really like speckie..! someone who wear spectacles.. they look so matured and handsome and charismatic with the specs actually.. haha.. so if you're a speckie and not a smokers and cheaters.. maybe someday i will fall for you.. or maybe i already have.. hahaha.. =D

and to tell you the truth.. which may broke all the guys heart out there.. i found my really handsome speckie..!


i introduce him to you guys..
this is the latest picture of my lovely so-called-hubby-in-my-dream-land..
Shim Chang Min..

changmin oppa..!
you're so cruel..!
you make me fall in love with you again and again..!
i can't resist if its you.. 

and i even made this pic as my desktop wallpaper.. 

peace no war.. jangan marah ye semua.. hehehe.. tapi jangan risau.. anda masih ada peluang lagi.. just need to try harder.. 
*ceyt..! bajet hot la pulak entry kali nih.. hahaha.. *


Anonymous said...

nk tnya nme kdai yg ad jual thsk's d ultimate collection tu ape yek?

lee anna shim said...

ultimate collection..? yg 35DVD tu ke..? yang tu dekat sungai wang.. nama kedai HKV.. (^_^)v

Anonymous said...

ooo..ok...thanks yer..^^


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