Friday, December 30, 2011

>> Options..

salam to all readers..

we have many options in our daily life..
and actually we can really relate it with the options term in financial mathematics..
sounds interesting, isn't it??

one simple example..
when you just finished your SPM papers..
what you want to do in the future?
either you want to continue study or work immediately..

for sure..
the choice is yours..

in financial ways..
if you choose to study..
you actually expect your salary is higher in the future..
calculate the present value of your future salary and compare with your salary if you working now..
if you really choose to study..
then you BUY CALL option..

meanwhile if you work immediately..

for sure it is the opposite situation with continue your study..
so you are SELL CALL option..
but the sell call option's profit is only when you expect your future salary is lower than now..
and the maximum you can get is what you earned now..

am i right, undergraduates out there??
you just continue to study because you will expect your salary is higher in the future..
isn't it??
because i really think this way..

"it is good to broaden your horizon."
who's word is this??
teka la..


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

>> Samsung Corby and 2PM..

salam to all readers..

i really don't have any idea that 2PM has been endorsing Samsung Corby phone..

seriously this is shocking news for me..
you all know i'm a Corby user since July 2011..

and i just found out about this recently..

and here are their respective color..

JunHo in minimal white..

ChanSung & JunSu in chic black..

Nickhun in cupid pink..

TaecYeon in energetic green..

WooYoung in jamaican yellow..
*errr.. WooYoung.. i like you but i don't really like yellow.. ewww~* 

not only a picture that i found..
i also found their CF or we can call it as MV..

oh my...!!!!
nickhun in pink..!!
my Corby phone is also pink..
oh yeah...

jodoh semakin kuat dengan Nickhun nampaknye..
ayat poyo terlebih lebih..
tambah-tambah pulak aku dah pandai tulis hangul guna phone kan..


walaupun lain batch..
but it still Corby, isnt it??

and also..
i found this..
performance of My Color..
*the title song of the Samsung Corby advertisement..*

as expected..
if we give each of them mike for them to sing and dance at the same time..
don't expect too much..
suara tak keluar la..
tak sampai la..
macam macam..
*ayat macam anti-fan..*

aku ni fan ke anti sebenarnye?
nampak macam fan..
tapi cakap macam anti..
pikir la sendiri..

peace no war..!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

>> Taecyeon's birthday..!

oh yeah..
today is 2PM TaecYeon's birthday..!!
happy birthday, TaecYeon..!

as expected..
for sure la i will tweet to him, right??
and i got a general reply..
oh yeah..
jodoh kuat jugak tuh..

here is my timeline in the twitter regarding to the post about Taec's birthday..
starting from the first one to the latest one..
i'm not kidding about this..

Khun is the first to wish him..
at this time..
my clock is about 11.05 pm..
since Korea & Malaysia has only 1 hour of time different..
so it doesn't really matter..

jigeum nae yeoppae itneun taecyeoni eui saengileun chukhahanda!!

now is TaecYeon's birthday time!!

*self translate, okay..!! peace..! (^_^)v *

memandangkan aku tengah online via lappy..
and begitu malas mahu menaip hangul..
maka aku copy paste je ayat JunSu..
saengileun chukhahanda!!

happy birthday!!

and a few minutes later..
Taec reply to Khun first..

then to JunSu..
gomapda inoma~ jalhaegyeolhagowa~

thank you, you bad boy~ i will do well~ 

*again.. this is self-translate..*

can you believe it..?
he reply us in order..!!
in order..!!
first to Khun..
then to JunSu..
then the fans..
including me..!!!!!

going crazy for a while..

saengil chukhahawo taecyeon jjang~~~ kekeke

happy birthday taecyeon the best~~~kekeke

taec sama saengileun gamchuk deuriwobnida~~~ ke

taec-sama birthday sound interesting~~~ ke

*not really sure about this.. because i dont know the word 'gamchuk'.. hohohohohoo..*


taecyeonnie hyung!!!! saengil chukhahae~~~~^_^*

taecyeon bro!!!! happy birthday~~~~^_^*

jigeum taecyeonnie hyung eun nae yeopaeseo meorireul hagoitjiman nan guji teuwiteoro saengsil chuckhareul hagaesseo.. kekeke saengil chukahae hyung~~!! ke

now taecyeon's birthday has been trending on twitter.. kekeke happy birthday bro~~!! ke

i don't know whether this is only my feeling or not..
but it seems like ChanSung hangul sometimes get messy..
i mean..
sometimes he spell the word wrongly..
my bad..
i'm not that good too..
and it is true that Nickhun hangul is better than him..
ChanSung-biased.. don't be mad at me.. 

 the last tweet from TaecYeon for today..

 kekeke oneuleun jae saegil ibnidang kekeke isajineul yejeonae jjikeunjeondae deurama majimak chwalyeonghago haega chukhabadgo itneun sajiniaeyong~ kekeke

kekeke today is my birthday kekeke this photo was taken during the last filming of drama......????

oh really..
i understand his line but i can't really translate it directly..
here is the situation..
he is trying to be cute with his word.. ngehehehee..
the picture is taken during the filming of the last episode of the drama.. and he feels really happy with it..

oh come on..
who doesn't feel happy if you can take a picture with Kim Tae Hee..?

if you noticed..
there is another one 2PM member who doesn't tweet about taec birthday..
guess who is he...

for sure..
he is someone who doesn't tweet often..
its Mr. Jang Woo Young..!!

WooYoung ah..
tweet to taecyeon..
we want to see it..
we want to see it..!!

oh yeah..~~

main twitter pun boleh buat blog post, kan??

Thursday, December 22, 2011

>> crush lifetime..

but why in my case..
every crush last for 1 year??
am i in love with all of them??

tak boleh bela punye statement..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

>> Everything happens for a reason..

salam to all readers..

everything happen for a reason..
everything happen for a reason..
its not just a lyrics from 2PM-Without You that was sang by Nickhun..

but it is indeed a true story of our daily life..
believe it or not..
it is true..

everything that happens around us must have its own reason..
and don't make it look so bad that you will never see the goods around you..
be grateful to everything that happens in your life..

as for my case..

Tuesday night..
i check the solution for Life Contingencies online...
feels really dissapointed..
what did i write in my test is not the same as the solutions.!

feels that all my hard work doesn't worth it..

*crying in silence*

Wednesday morning..
i got to know my overall carry mark for English..
i got A..
in the afternoon..
i got my carry mark for C++..
again i got A for assignments and lab test, B for writing test..
so i can conclude that overall i got A for the carry mark..
for the night class..
i got my carry mark for Life Insurance and Takaful subject..
i got 33.9..
which also means i got A..
i feels hope again...

what i want to say here is..
don't really look disappointing on one thing.. 
and then you forget every good thing that you get..
you just need to think more positive and look forward to the future..
work hard for it..
don't let that little thing make you feel down..

it may not be a little thing, right?
but can't you just be positive and work harder in the future..?
i mean from now on...

listen liana..
you get 1 disaster, but you get 3A's for your carry marks..
no need to feel too rundown..
cheer up..!
and go study so that you can get as many A's as possible this sem..

you can do it..!!
Allah will always be by your side..!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

>> My life pathway..

salam to all readers..

believe it or not..
this is my future plan..
look at the date..
7th November 2009..
which means this plan was made during my first year..

can i live my life according to the plans that i made??
can i??

i have no confidence to answer these kind of questions anymore..
because my first steps seems so hard to do right now..
everything changed so much during my 2nd year of study..
so how can i move further??
i have thought of giving up this plan of my life..
and i try to search for a new one..
i mean the Actuary part..
but i didn't manage to see what can i do in the future..

and now..
i think i'm just go with the flow..
maybe i'm not strong enough in this field of study..
but i guess i can find my strength and use it as much as possible throughout the course..
just like what all my previous seniors did..

and most importantly..


Friday, December 16, 2011

>> i miss them...

salam to all readers..

i really miss my anak-anak buah these days..
geram tengok gambar2 dorang kat facebook..
esok aku balik rumah semua ada..

skrg ni dah pandai cakap..
kalau dulu nak ape tunjuk2 je..
skrg sume dia nak dia ckp..
"Nana.. nak cikat bilik.. pinjam nenek.."
dia nak sikat kat bilik tu.. kene pinjam kat nenek.. (mak aku)
and yes..
she call me 'Nana' instead of 'Cik Ana'..
bila tegur suruh panggil Cik Ana..
dia diam kejap..
pastu panggil aku Nana balik..
tapi yg peliknye..
adik aku pandai pulak dia panggil 'Acik Ijam'..

dia ni ade certain words tak pelat..
tapi biase la budak2 kan..
mesti ade pelat nye jugak..
'ayam bakar' dia sebut 'ayam bakar'..
tepat tuuu.....~~
tapi 'ayam panggang' jadi 'ayam mangang'...
kalau sekali dengar mcm 'ayam bangang'..
bahaya betul budak ni..

ni adik Marissa..
nama dia Mia..
kuat cengeng budak sorang ni..
tapi kuat ketawa jugak..

baru pandai jalan..
lawak betul bila tgk dia jalan..
dgn tangan mcm penguin..
lagi satu..
dia sangat kuat makan!
ape yg dia nampak (makanan) semua dia balun je..
kalau pedas pun dia nak jugak..
tapi kitorang tak bagi la kan..
takut sakit perut..

dalam ramai-ramai anak buah aku..
dia la champion mengunyah-ngunyah ni..

skrg ni aku tgk dia mcm makin kurus..
ye la.. 
tengah lasak..
dan sangat kuat melalak kalau mama dia ada..
memang geram je la rasenye kalau nak main ngan dia saat mama dia ada..
cuba kalau mama dia takde..
pergi keje ke..
rilex giler budak ni..
happy mcm takde masalah je..
memang sah..
ini budak sgt gedik..
tapi dia suke ketawa terkekeh kekeh..
tu yg buat org lagi geram kt dia tu..
rase mcm nk je gomol-gomol dia..
dia paling suke kalau adik aku, iwan gomol dia..
geli sgt la tu..

nak taw tak..
budak kecik ni dah pandai main iPad sendiri beb..
dia unlock iPad sendiri..
pastu cari game dia..
walaupun game dia kat dalam folder..
dia dapat cari..
pastu tekan game mana yg dia nak main..
pastu kalau dah bosan..
dia tekan butang keluar..
cari game lain..
sangat impressive!


3 orang anak buah aku ni..
pantang nampak pintu gate terbukak..
terus lesap keluar..
sgt bahaya..
sebab tu la gate kene sentiasa tutup..
lagi satu..
kalau salah sorg dapat keluar..
yg tertinggal kt dalam mesti melalak..
so kene bawak tiga-tiga keluar skali la kalau mcm tu..

yang ni anak buah aku yang last..
nama dia Alya..
tak kenal orang lagi..
so dengan sape2 yang nak main ngan dia..
dia layan je..

budak kecik ni sgt tembam, kan?
memang pun..
kalau angkat dia lama-lama..
memang lenguh tangan aku..

baru pandai merangkak jalan reverse..
tak taw jalan ke depan lagi..

suke tengok bila dia senyum..
comel kan??

dia ni dari kecik tgk abah dia main iPad..
so kadang2 kalau dia menjerit tu..
terkeluar suara angry bird dia..
serius tak tipu..
sebijik mcm angry bird..

tak sabar nak jumpa korang berempat esok..!
oh yeah....~~

Marissa, Mia, Haikal, Alya...
tunggu Cik Ana balik taw..!
jom main kejar-kejar kat depan rumah..


Thursday, December 15, 2011

>> happy birthday, Kim Jun Su..!

아이고  우리 준수 컸구나..

요즘 넌 너무 멋져요..

 준수 오빠, 생알축하함니다!

romanization: JunSu oppa, saengil chukha hamnida.. yeongwonhi saranghamnida..
translation: Junsu, happy birthday.. i love you forever..

lots of love..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

내일 프리젠태이쎤 너무 자신이 없다..

리아나,  할수있어요!!
내가 할수있어요...!

Monday, December 12, 2011

>> long distance relationship..

salam to all readers..

i think that long distance relationship will not last forever..

even though you have a strong feeling with each other..
calling, texting, skyping, chatting every days and nights..

but when someone nearer try to become closer to you..
for sure you will waver..

i hope that i will never have this kind of relationship..
since i'm not that faithful to someone..
i mean..
i tends to like the people around me more than the people who are far way from me..

sorry, you..

*cheh.! ayat macam berpengalaman je..*

how can i relate this to my life?

there's none..
just a random thought..

peace no war..!


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