Tuesday, December 27, 2011

>> Taecyeon's birthday..!

oh yeah..
today is 2PM TaecYeon's birthday..!!
happy birthday, TaecYeon..!

as expected..
for sure la i will tweet to him, right??
and i got a general reply..
oh yeah..
jodoh kuat jugak tuh..

here is my timeline in the twitter regarding to the post about Taec's birthday..
starting from the first one to the latest one..
i'm not kidding about this..

Khun is the first to wish him..
at this time..
my clock is about 11.05 pm..
since Korea & Malaysia has only 1 hour of time different..
so it doesn't really matter..

jigeum nae yeoppae itneun taecyeoni eui saengileun chukhahanda!!

now is TaecYeon's birthday time!!

*self translate, okay..!! peace..! (^_^)v *

memandangkan aku tengah online via lappy..
and begitu malas mahu menaip hangul..
maka aku copy paste je ayat JunSu..
saengileun chukhahanda!!

happy birthday!!

and a few minutes later..
Taec reply to Khun first..

then to JunSu..
gomapda inoma~ jalhaegyeolhagowa~

thank you, you bad boy~ i will do well~ 

*again.. this is self-translate..*

can you believe it..?
he reply us in order..!!
in order..!!
first to Khun..
then to JunSu..
then the fans..
including me..!!!!!

going crazy for a while..

saengil chukhahawo taecyeon jjang~~~ kekeke

happy birthday taecyeon the best~~~kekeke

taec sama saengileun gamchuk deuriwobnida~~~ ke

taec-sama birthday sound interesting~~~ ke

*not really sure about this.. because i dont know the word 'gamchuk'.. hohohohohoo..*


taecyeonnie hyung!!!! saengil chukhahae~~~~^_^*

taecyeon bro!!!! happy birthday~~~~^_^*

jigeum taecyeonnie hyung eun nae yeopaeseo meorireul hagoitjiman nan guji teuwiteoro saengsil chuckhareul hagaesseo.. kekeke saengil chukahae hyung~~!! ke

now taecyeon's birthday has been trending on twitter.. kekeke happy birthday bro~~!! ke

i don't know whether this is only my feeling or not..
but it seems like ChanSung hangul sometimes get messy..
i mean..
sometimes he spell the word wrongly..
my bad..
i'm not that good too..
and it is true that Nickhun hangul is better than him..
ChanSung-biased.. don't be mad at me.. 

 the last tweet from TaecYeon for today..

 kekeke oneuleun jae saegil ibnidang kekeke isajineul yejeonae jjikeunjeondae deurama majimak chwalyeonghago haega chukhabadgo itneun sajiniaeyong~ kekeke

kekeke today is my birthday kekeke this photo was taken during the last filming of drama......????

oh really..
i understand his line but i can't really translate it directly..
here is the situation..
he is trying to be cute with his word.. ngehehehee..
the picture is taken during the filming of the last episode of the drama.. and he feels really happy with it..

oh come on..
who doesn't feel happy if you can take a picture with Kim Tae Hee..?

if you noticed..
there is another one 2PM member who doesn't tweet about taec birthday..
guess who is he...

for sure..
he is someone who doesn't tweet often..
its Mr. Jang Woo Young..!!

WooYoung ah..
tweet to taecyeon..
we want to see it..
we want to see it..!!

oh yeah..~~

main twitter pun boleh buat blog post, kan??

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Hehehe.OKTIZENS forever <3


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