Tuesday, November 29, 2011

>> i am me..

salam to all readers..

my name is liana..
that's true..

i am  now 20 years old..
which is also true..

i was born in March..
which is also means that my horoscope is Pisces..
just for you to know..

i am the 4th of 8 siblings..
that's my position in the family..

i'm taking Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and Finance in University of Malaya..
that's what my course name and where i currently study.. 
don't ask me whether it is difficult or not..
because you already know the answers for that..
*its damn hard..!!! hiyaaargghh~~*

i love pink..
no one can deny it when you come to my room and see my stuffs..
*puppy eyes*

i don't really like surprise..
because if the surprise is not in the range of my expectations..
i might give you all the worst reaction that  you might not like it..

i can predict what will happen next..
if and only if i got enough data in my little memory..
you know what i mean by this statement, huh?
*sounds creepy~*

i love K-pop..
the statements is not really true..
because i don't know many of them..
i just know TVXQ, JYJ, 2PM, 2AM, SNSD, CNBlue, Shinee and f(x)...
i think these are the only group that i know..
oh yeah..
Who's Super Junior?? SJ-M..? KRY..?? Boyfriend? B2st?? Ukiss??
i do not really know them la..
so what??
when people talks about other group..
i just do the poker face because i really don't know who are they..
i can conclude that i'm not a k-pop lover since i am so biased towards the group that i only know..

i want to live my life the way i want it to be..
but sometimes i think i need to think of people around me..
i also don't know the exact answer for that..

the things that i really want you to know is..
i am me..

and i am not you..
so don't expect me to do the same things that you did..
maybe i'm not that good..
but i'm still trying my best in everything that i do..

why should i copy you?
when i can create my own self..
why should i follow you?
when i already have my own path..
why should i envy you?
when there is a lot of time i think i am better than you..

be proud of yourself, dear liana..!
you are one of the great person that i know..!

live happily
smile brightly
study smartly
and you are the 'liana' that i know..

oh yeah.~~


Saturday, November 26, 2011

>> translator..


nak jadi twitter translator, boleh tak..??

ngeheheheheeheeeheeee... =)
*senyum penuh makna*

Friday, November 25, 2011

>> 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Malaysia..

salam to all readers..

dear HOTTEST..
i'm so jealous of you guys..
because your dear 2PM have concert here, in Malaysia..

but you guys will be even more jealous with me if you know that i just did hi-5 with them yesterday..
*evil laugh*

since i have class on Friday 5pm until 9.30pm..
so i didn't have the time to go to the concert..
and also..
no budget..

are you happy with that??

oh come on liana..
you have a lot of fancammers in the youtube.!!
just search for it..!

and yeah..
i found one channel that really have super best quality of fancams..

you make my day..!
i'm not regret not go to the concert anymore..

and also..
there's a lot of fancams if you just search about 2PM in malaysia..
or you can go to MY Hottest 2PM Facebook..
or follow their twitter: MYHottest2PM..
a lot..
i mean..
A LOT of things you can get..
just like the airport scene when 2PM arrived in Malaysia..

dear 2PM..
are you coming back next year?
i want to try my luck again next year..
i don't want to spend any money..
just try my luck whether i can see you guys or not..

but if TVXQ is coming..
i think i will spent a lot of money to them..
sanggup tak makan beberapa hari ikat perut lagi kot..


Thursday, November 24, 2011

>> 2PM Hi-5 session..

salam to all readers..

i'm not a ticket holder..
and i'm just trying my luck to meet 2PM today..
since i'm free today..
my class started at 6.30pm..
so i have a lot of free time..

i decided to stalk them at the hotel..
this is the first time ever i enter Hilton Hotel KL Sentral..
believe it or not..
its all because of 2PM..

2PM have their press conference at level 6 at 3pm..
so around 3.30pm i just go to level 6 of the hotel..
hoping that i might meet them by chance..
after the press is over..
i rush over to the main entrance..
and i see that they already gone..
and one door in the opposite way is widely open..
they didn't use this main entrance la, babo..
really disappointed..

at 4.30pm..
i heard they will have hi-5 session in the car park at level P3..
so wide open to public??
but just try my luck..
even if i'm not a ticket holder..
maybe i can just snap their picture in the hi-5 session later..
if and only if they did it at the car park..
it turn out its not..
disappointed again..
even the bag captured my attention at this time..

the venue changed to the level 6..
so i go up to level 6 again..
then i 'dihalau' oleh pakcik2 guard kat situ..
sakit hati..

then i go back to level P3..
trying my luck to get a pass..
i want to see them..!
i want to see them..!

after begging at the counter..
begging for the pass but well they didn't give us..

suddenly one of the pass holder approach us..
"Nak tak pass ni? kita nak jual la.. tak kesah berapa pun.."
i was like...
but there's only 1 pass..
i need 2 since i was together with my friend..

at last..
my friend  'beralah' and gave me the chance..
so i buy that pass with the price of RM50..
i finally got the chance to see them..
in front of my eyes..!!
this is the first time ever i done something like this..!!!


and thanks to that girl too for selling her pass to me..

it was just like a dream come true..!

the pass is free for those who hold rock pit tickets..
which cost RM600++..
but i buy it with only RM50 from that girl..
 i think its worth it..
even if you go to their concert, you wont get the opportunity to see them up close..
and with only RM50, i get to hi-5 with them!!!!!!!

then we queue up according to the pass number..
mine was 204..
and we go to the ball room group by group..

in the ball room..
the MC is giving us many warning not to do anything weird to the boys..
like you really know what in our minds..
he remind us that we can't take any picture or video of them..
what the....
macam la aku kana dengar ckp ko kan..

the MC is really talkative you know..
but somehow he know how to attract people attention..
before 2PM enter the room..
we practice some fan chant "Selamat Datang 2PM"
then the MC said, 
"if they introduce themselves, please don't be quiet.."
you know already..
we wont be quite la at this time..

after maybe about 20 minutes..
here they are..!!!


i can't believe i took this picture with my camera..!
and with my own hands..
and i see them just right in front of my eyes..
is this dream or what??

look at how shaky my hands was..

 and this is the only one clear picture that i took with my 'parkinson' hand..
but it not so clear as well..

they introduce themselves starting from TaecYeon, JunSu, JunHo, WooYoung, Nickhun and finally the maknae Chansung..

we are too noisy la..
too excited!

with the background music Hands Up..
we danced our hand like crazy..
including me..

i forgot to tell you my position in the room..

i'm at the back..
almost the last one..
and also i'm the only one wearing my tudung..
to my left, foreigners..
to my right, malay girl who wear shawl..
behind me, no one..
so i'm freely half stand up when they get in..
oh yeah..

i think 6 of them recognized me as i'm the only one malay girl who are really excited at the end of the corner..
the girl at my right doesn't seem as excited as me..

i even can see JunSu smile when he look at me..
and i think he did point out at me while he's smiling..
and TaecYeon's smile too..!
and perhaps JunHo..
Nickhun seems really enjoy with the fans..
if and only if i can record that moment..

after they introduce themselves..
we have some interview session with them..
TaecYeon says something about the airport last night scene..
i can't hear much because the fans is really making noise..
Nickhun said that they are glad to be in Malaysia..
something like that..
JunSu said that they will show us their manliness, and SEXINESS during tomorrow's concert..
and everybody screams like...
you guys (fans) are pervert.!

then we start our hi-5 session..
begin with the maknae..

i bow a little bit to him..
and he bow a little to me too..
then i shyly hi-5 him..
no words coming from my mouth...

i really can't forget his face expression when he looking at me..!
almost the same as Vic's expression but a little bit like "oh.. i think i know you" feeling..
a friendly feeling..
a warm feeling...
i'm really surprised with that expression..
and suddenly i just shout out his name..
"Nickhuuunnn...." in a friendly ways sambil hi-5..
like an old friend..

he is my biased in this group actually..
so i say "WooYoung, Saranghae~"
and he just like..
is he just ignore me??
so cold.!
he didn't even look at me..
i feel mistreated..
i hate you, WooYoung since that moment.!

i didn't say anything to him..
just smile..
but dia nampak mcm tunggu aku cakap something..
but in the end.. 
i just keep quite and hi-5 with him..
i think he's kinda embarrased with my attitude..
maybe he was expecting i say "I love you, JunHo.."
but i'm not..
not even his name i mention..
if i think about it again and again..
i'm not the one who give my hand to him..
he is the one who give his hand to me..
so pity you, JunHo..
i didn't mean it that way..
WooYoung just hurt me too much..

i just smile and he smile back to me..
we're smiling like we're giggling about something..
i nod my head and he nodded back to me..
then i say "JunSu..~" then hi-5..
he is so melayan seorang fan macam saya..
*broken words..*
i like~~

since he's in the end..
i just said "TaecYeon..~" and hi-5..
and the staff besides him a little bit pulling me to get out from the stage..
so tak sabar..
i can't even make proper facial expression for TaecYeon yet i'm already out of that stage..

oh yea..
among all members..
only WooYoung who didn't make eye contact with me.!
so cruel of you, WooYoung..!
i hate you..!
i hate you..!!
i hate you..!!!!!

and for that moment.
my biased changed to Nickhun..
oh yeah..~~

after the hi-5 session with everyone..
we just managed to snap a few of their pictures..
and then need to say Goodbye to them since they need to do rehearsal for tomorrow concert..

and now i took the picture with the same hand that i touched them..

and you know really well why all of those picture is all shaky.. 
i'm just too excited to meet them..

and this is the end of my story for the hi-5 session..
i'm so lucky today..
hi-5 with all 6 of them which i can't ever imagined will happen in my real life..

i can't even stop thinking about the moment i hi-5 with them just now..
is this real or is this just my dream..??

the event ended at 6.30pm sharp..
and at the end..
i didn't go to my class since i was still in shock..
too excited..
and too fangirling mood..

something interesting to brag about..

google search "2PM arrival in Malaysia"

my blog comes first!!

maybe because everyone busying catching up with them.. 
meanwhile i'm happily here sit in front of my lappy update my blog..

nice try, liana.!

lets make your blog traffic higher by doing this..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[breaking news] 2PM arrival in Malaysia

salam to all readers..

Norliana Khamis melaporkan..
*pura-pura macam wartawan*

boy-band dari Korea, 2PM baharu sahaja tiba di KLIA pada pukul 10.40 malam tadi waktu Malaysia..
suasana nampaknya agak tidak terkawal di situ..
kita dapat lihat tidak begitu ramai security Guard yang mengiringi mereka.
mana la saya tahu..
saya bukan nya management dorang pun..
saya cuma tukang lapor kejadian je.. =_="

oh.. itu dia.. ChanSung dan TaecYeon sudah menampakkan diri mereka..

tidak lupa juga kepada encik JunHo..
dengar-dengar berita beliau menolong salah seorang Hottest yang terjatuh di airport itu..
sejauh mana kebenaran berita ini..
hanya tuan punya badan sahaja yang tahu..
kita akan ulas semula isu ini sedikit masa lagi..

encik TaecYeon lagi...

muncul juga beliau yang saya nanti-nantikan dari tadi..
AngAng WooYoung..!!
beliau sangat comel..
sila jangan cubit pipi beliau walaupun pipi beliau macam meminta-minta untuk dicubit..

encik JunHo dan JunSu..
nampak tak betapa crowdednya keadaan di sana??

encik ChanSung kelihatan seperti seorang pelarian..

di manakah menghilangnya encik Nickhun??
di mana beliau??

bolehkah anda cam beliau melalui gambar ini..??

sekian sahaja setakat ini..
teruskan bersama channel My Name Is Liana untuk perkembangan selanjutnya..

saya Norliana Khamis melaporkan dari hadapan lappy dalam bilik kat rumah sewa..

all picture credits to: My Hottest 2PM Facebook

peace no war!

>>kimchi ramen..

salam to all readers..

kalau anda penggemar variety show korea..
pasti anda akan terlihat satu situasi ni..
setiap kali time masak-masak..
mesti dorang akan guna satu serbuk magik..
perasan tak..??
perasan tak..??

ape yang magik sangat serbuk tersebut..??
itu la namenye ramen soup base..
dalam bahasa orang melayunye..
serbuk perencah megi..

ape yang sedap sgt eh perencah ni..
aku pun tak tahu la..

until one fine day..
i found this thing..

김치 라면
kimchi ramyeon

ramyeon = megi
kimchi = tomyam versi korea

boleh tak explanation aku mcm nih..??

dan yang paling penting..
ade logo halal di situ..
jarang beb 김치 라면 kt Malaysia ni halal..

agak mahal berbanding megi panas cawan yang kite selalu beli tu..
RM 2.60..
boleh didapati di Pasaraya Carrefour dekat Midvalley..
*chewah.. promote carrefour mid nampak..??*
mungkin sebab anak tekak aku ni pure orang melayu..
so aku rase megi tomyam lagi sedap kot..
nak kata pedas, tak de la pedas mana pun..
dan rasa dia lebih kepada rasa bawang putih dan bawang goreng..
in fact..
memang la orang korea suke makan bawang putih, ye tak??

kalau ini la rasa sebenar 김치 라면...
aku mungkin boleh paham kenapa dorg memerlukan serbuk dia dalam setiap masakan..
sebab kadang-kadang aku pun masak kemain konpiden..
tapi rase perrghhh...
senyap-senyap je la yer..

tapi nampak sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat dorang tak reti masak kalau dorg menggunakan serbuk magik nih..
mana taknye..
kalau tengok..
setiap kali dorang masak..
hampir sume bahan-bahan asas dorang dah bubuh dah..
tapi still rasa dia x best..
sebab tu la memerlukan khidmat serbuk magik ni tadi..

banyak pulak aku cakap hari ni..


>>weird mind..

salam to all readers..

for past few days..
my mind seems like to run from reality..
i think of weird things again..
how weird?
how can i tell if i don't even know how to measure them.?

the feelings is here again..
again and again and again and again..~

the feeling of wanting to be a stalker is back!
oh no..!!

after reading TaecYeon's tweet:
 my stalking-feeling start to rise to the peak..!
because he stated that he will come to Malaysia tomorrow.!!

let me have some peace..
this feeling.. please leave me..!!

why i'm like this..?

lets come back to reality..
you have no chance to see them even if you follow them to airport and hotel and so on..
unless you buy a proper tickets for their coming concert..


i still hoping for miracles..
hoping for someone will give me a free ticket..
even though i know its absolutely impossible..

i'm here get ready in front of my lappy with my beloved streamyx connection..
waiting for all the fans in malaysia upload their fancams during the concert..
as always..


its seems like i already know the fact but still don't want to admit it yet try to hide the fact to myself so that everyone thinks i don't know anything about reality but in fact i know about it really well..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

>> What is my life without internet??

salam to all readers..

what is my life without internet??

doesn't really know what internet means..
i spend my time with reading books, playing with toys and friends..
and sometimes i spend my time playing by myself..
i'm quite happy with my life at that time..

start to know about internet.
but my home does not have internet connection..
so if i want to go online..
i go to cyber cafe..
oh yeah..
most of my assignment was not from google..
but from the books..
real books..
real intention of internet: search for this group, F4.
because of Meteor Garden symptoms..

living in a hostel without any hand phone and laptop is much more comfortable..
because i don't have to always check whether my belongings are still there or not.
well.. there's a lot of thieves in hostel.. =_="
maybe an outsider..
if want to online..
go to library..
sometimes queuing for hours..
kalau sanggup, tunggu la.. kalau tak, memang bye-bye..
what internet means at this time?
to see the updates of Lee Dong Wook (hero of My Girl korean drama)..
quite crazy at that time..
oh i have friendster and myspace account at this time..
but well..
terbiar begitu saje.. =_="

i still don't own my laptop yet..
but this is the time i know my ultimate biased in Kpop..
if have time, go online with friends with their laptop searching for this idol..
at home, still no internet..
sanggup pergi cyber cafe semata-mata nak lepas rindu..
and this is the time i get to know many things about Kpop and Korean culture..
all thanks to TVXQ!
and that makes me craving for more and more and more..

have facebook account..
suddenly become addicted..
almost every time online..
facebook.. facebook.. facebook..
when i got my own laptop, Mr.S..
my addiction become larger..
not just facebook.
but also blog, twitter and tumblr.

and also download a lot of korean things.. drama, variety show, etc.

cannot resist anymore..
internet is my life..
everyday, everywhere, anytime..
facebook and twitter is a must!
since my new phone have those applications..
lagi la kan?
plus, my biased JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have their own twitter account..
so that makes me really excited about twitter..
oh yeah..
a lot of Kpop idols also have twitter account..
if you can see..
my twitter timeline is full of hangul..
and i'm quite understand what they're talking about..
impressive, right?
*bangga kejap*
and most of my assignments now from Mr.Google rather than Mr.Book..
i bet all of you did the same..

i really feel uncomfortable if i'm not connected to the internet..
because a lot of things need internet..
almost all..

i wonder..
i can live almost 12 year without internet..
and almost 6 years with little internet..
why these 2 year internet makes a lot of impact on me??

lets think about it..


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