Thursday, November 17, 2011

>> What is my life without internet??

salam to all readers..

what is my life without internet??

doesn't really know what internet means..
i spend my time with reading books, playing with toys and friends..
and sometimes i spend my time playing by myself..
i'm quite happy with my life at that time..

start to know about internet.
but my home does not have internet connection..
so if i want to go online..
i go to cyber cafe..
oh yeah..
most of my assignment was not from google..
but from the books..
real books..
real intention of internet: search for this group, F4.
because of Meteor Garden symptoms..

living in a hostel without any hand phone and laptop is much more comfortable..
because i don't have to always check whether my belongings are still there or not.
well.. there's a lot of thieves in hostel.. =_="
maybe an outsider..
if want to online..
go to library..
sometimes queuing for hours..
kalau sanggup, tunggu la.. kalau tak, memang bye-bye..
what internet means at this time?
to see the updates of Lee Dong Wook (hero of My Girl korean drama)..
quite crazy at that time..
oh i have friendster and myspace account at this time..
but well..
terbiar begitu saje.. =_="

i still don't own my laptop yet..
but this is the time i know my ultimate biased in Kpop..
if have time, go online with friends with their laptop searching for this idol..
at home, still no internet..
sanggup pergi cyber cafe semata-mata nak lepas rindu..
and this is the time i get to know many things about Kpop and Korean culture..
all thanks to TVXQ!
and that makes me craving for more and more and more..

have facebook account..
suddenly become addicted..
almost every time online..
facebook.. facebook.. facebook..
when i got my own laptop, Mr.S..
my addiction become larger..
not just facebook.
but also blog, twitter and tumblr.

and also download a lot of korean things.. drama, variety show, etc.

cannot resist anymore..
internet is my life..
everyday, everywhere, anytime..
facebook and twitter is a must!
since my new phone have those applications..
lagi la kan?
plus, my biased JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have their own twitter account..
so that makes me really excited about twitter..
oh yeah..
a lot of Kpop idols also have twitter account..
if you can see..
my twitter timeline is full of hangul..
and i'm quite understand what they're talking about..
impressive, right?
*bangga kejap*
and most of my assignments now from Mr.Google rather than Mr.Book..
i bet all of you did the same..

i really feel uncomfortable if i'm not connected to the internet..
because a lot of things need internet..
almost all..

i wonder..
i can live almost 12 year without internet..
and almost 6 years with little internet..
why these 2 year internet makes a lot of impact on me??

lets think about it..


iluvyoochun said...

somehow..i think i like what r u talking here..

cam same lak ngan i~!haha
tambah2 tang 2008-2009 2..hik2

lee anna shim said...

tahun 2008-2009 tu memang zaman permulaan yang sebenar-benarnye terhadap dunia kpop.. hahaha..


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