Tuesday, November 29, 2011

>> i am me..

salam to all readers..

my name is liana..
that's true..

i am  now 20 years old..
which is also true..

i was born in March..
which is also means that my horoscope is Pisces..
just for you to know..

i am the 4th of 8 siblings..
that's my position in the family..

i'm taking Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and Finance in University of Malaya..
that's what my course name and where i currently study.. 
don't ask me whether it is difficult or not..
because you already know the answers for that..
*its damn hard..!!! hiyaaargghh~~*

i love pink..
no one can deny it when you come to my room and see my stuffs..
*puppy eyes*

i don't really like surprise..
because if the surprise is not in the range of my expectations..
i might give you all the worst reaction that  you might not like it..

i can predict what will happen next..
if and only if i got enough data in my little memory..
you know what i mean by this statement, huh?
*sounds creepy~*

i love K-pop..
the statements is not really true..
because i don't know many of them..
i just know TVXQ, JYJ, 2PM, 2AM, SNSD, CNBlue, Shinee and f(x)...
i think these are the only group that i know..
oh yeah..
Who's Super Junior?? SJ-M..? KRY..?? Boyfriend? B2st?? Ukiss??
i do not really know them la..
so what??
when people talks about other group..
i just do the poker face because i really don't know who are they..
i can conclude that i'm not a k-pop lover since i am so biased towards the group that i only know..

i want to live my life the way i want it to be..
but sometimes i think i need to think of people around me..
i also don't know the exact answer for that..

the things that i really want you to know is..
i am me..

and i am not you..
so don't expect me to do the same things that you did..
maybe i'm not that good..
but i'm still trying my best in everything that i do..

why should i copy you?
when i can create my own self..
why should i follow you?
when i already have my own path..
why should i envy you?
when there is a lot of time i think i am better than you..

be proud of yourself, dear liana..!
you are one of the great person that i know..!

live happily
smile brightly
study smartly
and you are the 'liana' that i know..

oh yeah.~~


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