Wednesday, November 9, 2011

>>video 5 Ibnu Firnas..

godek-godek laman MRSM Serting batch 2006/2007..
pastu terbukak link youtube pasal BKP..
then tibe2 ternampak video 5IF kat tepi tu..
aku pun tengok la video tersebut...

this is not the video that we made..
and the video that we made was not included in the CD..
i don't know who made this video..
but at least they have some conscious to re-do it since they lost our video.. 

and this is the original 5IF video that is made by Zati and me..

the memories that we have together is really precious..
hopefully you guys do well on your own by now..

jom buat reunion lagi, nak??

 most of my classmates are now overseas..
thats why it may be difficult for us to meet very often..
maybe someday we will find the day to meet each other again, right?

1 comment:

princess said...

best sangat sangat life dekat mrsm dulu kan liyana . rindu habis lah .


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