Friday, November 11, 2011

>> 2PM & TVXQ live performance..

spot the difference between these 2 videos??

TVXQ - Purple Line

2PM- Tired of Waiting

both have the same genre..
is it?

did you notice something difference in 2 videos??
of course la the difference is the song itself..
don't be kidding..

for me..
what i spotted is.....
2PM rely too much on the dubbing part.!

*p/s: my understanding, dubbing = pre-record voices that you used during the performance*

i think by now, maybe you should replay the video..

starting at Wooyoung's part..
his voice is just too slow compared to Junsu..
sounds like he's out of breath already..
at his first line of the song?? OMG? Really..??@_@
Junsu did really great job..
doing his own line with perfect tone..
although it seems like he's tired..
lets look at Nickhun..
he didn't finish his last word 'da' and already moved the mic..
is it?
so who's singing the 'da'??
and starting at 2:48
they really rely on the dubbing 100%..
not single of them holding the mic..
everyone busy dancing and do the ad-lib..
and they do look really tired after the performance..
this is okay compared to their concert..
too many dubbing.!
keep aside the auto-tune cases..
they all got their own auto tune part, right?

as compared to TVXQ performance..
they only depends on the 'pre-recording' on the first few seconds..
which is Yoochun's line..
"Now.. I see it this way.. Its look like.. purple line.. gonna introduce myself.. eah~ eah~"
then they sing the whole song live..
this is what live performance is all about..
no wonder we can considered them as the best at singing live..
or maybe they did some dubbing too..
but its not as obvious as 2PM..
and also..
no need auto tune because their voices is absolutely perfect!
*evil laugh*

am i right??

i know its not easy to sing and dance at the same time..
but they both debut as singers..
not dancers..
so, i think they should be more careful about their singing.. 

if 2PM are reading this message..
i mean this blog post..
i think they will search for me..
*it's time to spam their twitter account with my blog post.. *

i'm Hottest newbie..
maybe just for a while..
or maybe for a life time..
who's my bias..?
let's talk about it later..!


i still can't get rid of my Cassie-ness in myself..

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