Monday, September 5, 2016

>> Another Oh Hae Yong, but not another her..

salam to all readers..

lately the story line of k-drama that i've watched are pretty much related to myself..
somehow i can see myself in the characters..

Another Oh Hae Yong.. a.k.a Another Miss Oh..
it is a story of a girl who are kept being compared with someone with the same name as her..
and it happens that someone is more pretty, smarter and richer than her..
thus she is constantly being compared even to the slightest things..

oh seriously..
i understand that feelings really well..
i mean, really really really really really well..
because i've been there too..
even now i am still being compared with others..

i know she is everyone's dream..
everyone want to become like her..
but please..
i'm not her..
and i don't want to be her..

*same as Just Oh Hae Yong saying*

because i know..
deep in my heart..
i am not her..
i can't be like her..
and never will..
so stop comparing us okay..

one thing that i admire Oh Hae Yong is she is really brave in expressing herself to others..
unlike me..
i am someone who keep everything to myself..
and sometimes i do want to explode too..
but in the end, i just cry alone because i know nothing can be better even if i express myself like Oh Hae Yong did..
at least Oh Hae Yong has her parents who always support her no matter what decision she makes..
my family are the one who keep comparing me with others..
how does it makes me feel?

because i am too used to being compared with others..
i even develop something that i shouldn't have to..
i am now keep comparing myself with others too, even when i really really really hate it..
sad, isn't it?

and this is me..
someone who are always in a constant fight with herself..
i may seem bubbly, cheerful, etc.
but at the same time i keep comparing myself with others..
and i always feels like a loser..

no matter what..
life must go on..


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