Tuesday, August 30, 2016

>> best interview ever..

its the best interview ever in my life..
 its not because i confirm get the job..
but it is the best interview because i am confident with myself throughout the interview!

i am finally can be proud of myself in front of strangers!
and it is during the job interview!!

this is the best feeling ever..

i dont know whether i get the job or not, because the result is not immediately..
but i have done my very best for this interview..

even if i didn't get it..
i'm not regret it..
because finally i have a moment where i am myself and i am proud of it..

someone who constantly having an issue with her inner self,

>> mimpi..

salam to all readers..

everytime aku berfangirling dengan si sunghoon (read: kim sang min) ni..

Image result for sung hoon five enough

at that night..
aku akan termimpikan seseorang ni..
seseorang yang aku kenal pulak tu..

mula-mula rasa macam pelik je..
kenapa tetibe aku mimpi dia..
takde angin takde ribut..
aku mimpi dia..
petanda apakah ini?

lepas tu aku saje je la stalk FB and instagram dia..
saje je nak tau update..
takde ape sangat la..

apa yang lagi aku peliknya..
setiap kali aku berfangirling dgn sunghoon kot bende ni terjadi..

apesal setiap kali aku berfangirling dgn changmin, aku mimpi changmin..
tapi bila aku berfangirling dgn sunghoon, aku mimpi dia..
dia dengan sunghoon jaaaaaaaauuuuuuuhhhh giler beza kot..
tak serupa langsung..
tang mana yang sama tu pun aku tak tau la..

apakah petandanya?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

[TVXQ collections] Changmin 1st Mini Album - Close To You

salam to all readers..

i want to introduce my new collection..
Changmin 1st Mini Album - Close To You..

fyi, this solo album is really really really hard to get..
because it just happen to release once only..
and never have any pre-order anymore after that..
unlike most of the kpop albums..
and some more only official bigeast that can buy this at that time..
so you must know someone who are the official bigeast fanclub members to buy it for you..
quite complicated, isn't it?

by the way..
this is actually preloved item that i purchased from Far-Ra Aina's Korean Stuffs..
i love it so much!!
thanks unnie for letting go this precious album to me..

the cover..

i don't really like his picture on the cover..
because he looks somewhat creepy..
lets cover it with something else..

that's a bit better..
*evil laugh*

fyi, if you purchase any albums from Far-Ra Aina, she will give you a 4R 'postcard' full with your ultimate bias pictures..
i love it so much..
and it never disappointed me every time..
unnie, keep up the good work!
*p/s: i'll share other 'postcards' that i got from her in other entries*

the main difference between korean and japanese albums are the language..
this album is japanese..
so for sure the lyrics was also in japanese..
which is i can't read..
and i can't understand..
so, if i want to sing all these songs..
lets google the lyrics..
*romanization lyrics, i means*

and yeah..

a sneak peak inside the album..

honestly, i am almost never play the CD/DVD that i bought..
simply because i already downloaded all of the songs, MVs, videos etc.
so, the album is just for collection purpose only..
it just another side of weird me..

some of my favorite pictures inside the photobook..

his stare..
*omg.. dies*

doesn't he looks adorable like this?

and yeah..
that's all for now..

Thursday, August 18, 2016

that moment when someone know your weakness and treat it as their possession to use you.. urrrggghhh.. i hate it.. i really really hate it..

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

current addiction: Kim Sang Min

lately i really adore this one guy..
Kim Sang Min..

watching him in drama Five Enough really made my day..

he is not the kind-hearted type of person like what i used to like previously *typical second male lead*..
but does Kim Sang Min is a bad boy in this drama?
in my opinion, NO!
he just childish..

but definitely not a bad boy..

in the beginning his character is really annoying..
but when he fell in love, he changed..
so sweet la this guy..

i love the bromance between Sang Min & Tae Min..

so manja la this guy..
cannot resist his cheekiness..

when he met Yeon Tae, i know this will be an exciting couple..
and yes!
they are definitely awesome!!!

your story line for this couple is really daebak!!!

double thumbs up!

this is literally me when watching sangmin-yeontae couple scene..

it makes me can't wait to see the next episode..
wishing for the best for this couple..

actually, i really really really wish they can be couple in real life too..
they are too sweet together..

p/s: i can re-watch the series from episode 1 just for them..
what happen to me?


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