Tuesday, August 2, 2016

current addiction: Kim Sang Min

lately i really adore this one guy..
Kim Sang Min..

watching him in drama Five Enough really made my day..

he is not the kind-hearted type of person like what i used to like previously *typical second male lead*..
but does Kim Sang Min is a bad boy in this drama?
in my opinion, NO!
he just childish..

but definitely not a bad boy..

in the beginning his character is really annoying..
but when he fell in love, he changed..
so sweet la this guy..

i love the bromance between Sang Min & Tae Min..

so manja la this guy..
cannot resist his cheekiness..

when he met Yeon Tae, i know this will be an exciting couple..
and yes!
they are definitely awesome!!!

your story line for this couple is really daebak!!!

double thumbs up!

this is literally me when watching sangmin-yeontae couple scene..

it makes me can't wait to see the next episode..
wishing for the best for this couple..

actually, i really really really wish they can be couple in real life too..
they are too sweet together..

p/s: i can re-watch the series from episode 1 just for them..
what happen to me?

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