Saturday, August 27, 2016

[TVXQ collections] Changmin 1st Mini Album - Close To You

salam to all readers..

i want to introduce my new collection..
Changmin 1st Mini Album - Close To You..

fyi, this solo album is really really really hard to get..
because it just happen to release once only..
and never have any pre-order anymore after that..
unlike most of the kpop albums..
and some more only official bigeast that can buy this at that time..
so you must know someone who are the official bigeast fanclub members to buy it for you..
quite complicated, isn't it?

by the way..
this is actually preloved item that i purchased from Far-Ra Aina's Korean Stuffs..
i love it so much!!
thanks unnie for letting go this precious album to me..

the cover..

i don't really like his picture on the cover..
because he looks somewhat creepy..
lets cover it with something else..

that's a bit better..
*evil laugh*

fyi, if you purchase any albums from Far-Ra Aina, she will give you a 4R 'postcard' full with your ultimate bias pictures..
i love it so much..
and it never disappointed me every time..
unnie, keep up the good work!
*p/s: i'll share other 'postcards' that i got from her in other entries*

the main difference between korean and japanese albums are the language..
this album is japanese..
so for sure the lyrics was also in japanese..
which is i can't read..
and i can't understand..
so, if i want to sing all these songs..
lets google the lyrics..
*romanization lyrics, i means*

and yeah..

a sneak peak inside the album..

honestly, i am almost never play the CD/DVD that i bought..
simply because i already downloaded all of the songs, MVs, videos etc.
so, the album is just for collection purpose only..
it just another side of weird me..

some of my favorite pictures inside the photobook..

his stare..
*omg.. dies*

doesn't he looks adorable like this?

and yeah..
that's all for now..

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