Thursday, November 24, 2011

>> 2PM Hi-5 session..

salam to all readers..

i'm not a ticket holder..
and i'm just trying my luck to meet 2PM today..
since i'm free today..
my class started at 6.30pm..
so i have a lot of free time..

i decided to stalk them at the hotel..
this is the first time ever i enter Hilton Hotel KL Sentral..
believe it or not..
its all because of 2PM..

2PM have their press conference at level 6 at 3pm..
so around 3.30pm i just go to level 6 of the hotel..
hoping that i might meet them by chance..
after the press is over..
i rush over to the main entrance..
and i see that they already gone..
and one door in the opposite way is widely open..
they didn't use this main entrance la, babo..
really disappointed..

at 4.30pm..
i heard they will have hi-5 session in the car park at level P3..
so wide open to public??
but just try my luck..
even if i'm not a ticket holder..
maybe i can just snap their picture in the hi-5 session later..
if and only if they did it at the car park..
it turn out its not..
disappointed again..
even the bag captured my attention at this time..

the venue changed to the level 6..
so i go up to level 6 again..
then i 'dihalau' oleh pakcik2 guard kat situ..
sakit hati..

then i go back to level P3..
trying my luck to get a pass..
i want to see them..!
i want to see them..!

after begging at the counter..
begging for the pass but well they didn't give us..

suddenly one of the pass holder approach us..
"Nak tak pass ni? kita nak jual la.. tak kesah berapa pun.."
i was like...
but there's only 1 pass..
i need 2 since i was together with my friend..

at last..
my friend  'beralah' and gave me the chance..
so i buy that pass with the price of RM50..
i finally got the chance to see them..
in front of my eyes..!!
this is the first time ever i done something like this..!!!


and thanks to that girl too for selling her pass to me..

it was just like a dream come true..!

the pass is free for those who hold rock pit tickets..
which cost RM600++..
but i buy it with only RM50 from that girl..
 i think its worth it..
even if you go to their concert, you wont get the opportunity to see them up close..
and with only RM50, i get to hi-5 with them!!!!!!!

then we queue up according to the pass number..
mine was 204..
and we go to the ball room group by group..

in the ball room..
the MC is giving us many warning not to do anything weird to the boys..
like you really know what in our minds..
he remind us that we can't take any picture or video of them..
what the....
macam la aku kana dengar ckp ko kan..

the MC is really talkative you know..
but somehow he know how to attract people attention..
before 2PM enter the room..
we practice some fan chant "Selamat Datang 2PM"
then the MC said, 
"if they introduce themselves, please don't be quiet.."
you know already..
we wont be quite la at this time..

after maybe about 20 minutes..
here they are..!!!


i can't believe i took this picture with my camera..!
and with my own hands..
and i see them just right in front of my eyes..
is this dream or what??

look at how shaky my hands was..

 and this is the only one clear picture that i took with my 'parkinson' hand..
but it not so clear as well..

they introduce themselves starting from TaecYeon, JunSu, JunHo, WooYoung, Nickhun and finally the maknae Chansung..

we are too noisy la..
too excited!

with the background music Hands Up..
we danced our hand like crazy..
including me..

i forgot to tell you my position in the room..

i'm at the back..
almost the last one..
and also i'm the only one wearing my tudung..
to my left, foreigners..
to my right, malay girl who wear shawl..
behind me, no one..
so i'm freely half stand up when they get in..
oh yeah..

i think 6 of them recognized me as i'm the only one malay girl who are really excited at the end of the corner..
the girl at my right doesn't seem as excited as me..

i even can see JunSu smile when he look at me..
and i think he did point out at me while he's smiling..
and TaecYeon's smile too..!
and perhaps JunHo..
Nickhun seems really enjoy with the fans..
if and only if i can record that moment..

after they introduce themselves..
we have some interview session with them..
TaecYeon says something about the airport last night scene..
i can't hear much because the fans is really making noise..
Nickhun said that they are glad to be in Malaysia..
something like that..
JunSu said that they will show us their manliness, and SEXINESS during tomorrow's concert..
and everybody screams like...
you guys (fans) are pervert.!

then we start our hi-5 session..
begin with the maknae..

i bow a little bit to him..
and he bow a little to me too..
then i shyly hi-5 him..
no words coming from my mouth...

i really can't forget his face expression when he looking at me..!
almost the same as Vic's expression but a little bit like "oh.. i think i know you" feeling..
a friendly feeling..
a warm feeling...
i'm really surprised with that expression..
and suddenly i just shout out his name..
"Nickhuuunnn...." in a friendly ways sambil hi-5..
like an old friend..

he is my biased in this group actually..
so i say "WooYoung, Saranghae~"
and he just like..
is he just ignore me??
so cold.!
he didn't even look at me..
i feel mistreated..
i hate you, WooYoung since that moment.!

i didn't say anything to him..
just smile..
but dia nampak mcm tunggu aku cakap something..
but in the end.. 
i just keep quite and hi-5 with him..
i think he's kinda embarrased with my attitude..
maybe he was expecting i say "I love you, JunHo.."
but i'm not..
not even his name i mention..
if i think about it again and again..
i'm not the one who give my hand to him..
he is the one who give his hand to me..
so pity you, JunHo..
i didn't mean it that way..
WooYoung just hurt me too much..

i just smile and he smile back to me..
we're smiling like we're giggling about something..
i nod my head and he nodded back to me..
then i say "JunSu..~" then hi-5..
he is so melayan seorang fan macam saya..
*broken words..*
i like~~

since he's in the end..
i just said "TaecYeon..~" and hi-5..
and the staff besides him a little bit pulling me to get out from the stage..
so tak sabar..
i can't even make proper facial expression for TaecYeon yet i'm already out of that stage..

oh yea..
among all members..
only WooYoung who didn't make eye contact with me.!
so cruel of you, WooYoung..!
i hate you..!
i hate you..!!
i hate you..!!!!!

and for that moment.
my biased changed to Nickhun..
oh yeah..~~

after the hi-5 session with everyone..
we just managed to snap a few of their pictures..
and then need to say Goodbye to them since they need to do rehearsal for tomorrow concert..

and now i took the picture with the same hand that i touched them..

and you know really well why all of those picture is all shaky.. 
i'm just too excited to meet them..

and this is the end of my story for the hi-5 session..
i'm so lucky today..
hi-5 with all 6 of them which i can't ever imagined will happen in my real life..

i can't even stop thinking about the moment i hi-5 with them just now..
is this real or is this just my dream..??

the event ended at 6.30pm sharp..
and at the end..
i didn't go to my class since i was still in shock..
too excited..
and too fangirling mood..


harapanku cita-cita kami said...

lucky u!
hi-5 with 2pm is awesome!
especially nichkhun~~! kyaaaaa~~!!

Zafirah aka Zaf aka Zuffy said...

uuuu ! u are so lucky!!! macam mane u tau dorg ddk Hilton hotel! i ade pasang niat nak jadi stalker jgk kottt! huhuuu

lee anna shim said...

i dont know their flight schedule.. well. i'm just a newbie stalker.. not an expert one.. this is my first attempt to stalk someone like that.. i didn't know that i'm so lucky that day.. =)

Zafirah aka Zaf aka Zuffy said...

ohh so how do u know they are in Hilton??? tell me tell me! hehe

lee anna shim said...

i follow twitter and facebook MY hottest 2PM.. thre's a lot of info about them there.. hehehehe.. =)

Zafirah aka Zaf aka Zuffy said...

really! cool !! thnx yaw!

~fuNtaStY~ said...

soooooo jealous rite now....want to hi5 them too...T_T

Carrie Ang said...

haha..i didn know woo young was dis den his nt my bias anyway! =)

lee anna shim said...

i'm surprised wooyoung is like that.. maybe i didnt do a research about how he treat his fans before this.. hurm.. but anyway.. nickhun give me the best fan service ever.! so do junsu.. =)

SuE ChAN said...

act , mmg dri dulu lagi sy nmpak cam wooyoung nie cam sombong cket . lbey2 lagi after tgk video sal die kt youtube . sick of his manners . even xpnh jmpe die , xley ke die lyan fans die leklok ckit . taw lar die ltey . nothing that we need form him . juz smile . its enough . kan3 ? uhuhu . pape pon nickhun is the best ! ^_*

lee anna shim said...

betul betul betul.. even junho pun smile gile2 sampai tak nampak mata walaupun kite senyum sikit je kat dia.. *sebab wooyoung la ni* mentang2 la dia cute.. tapi rasenye dia takde la cute sgt kot.. junho lagi cute actually.. hahahahaha..

0430 said...

hello liana. quite an interesting fa u got here.
but ive a question. are u a new hottest? or are u a hottest at all? or u just a kpop fan who stan all groups? because if u r really a hottest, and jang wooyoung's fan, u shud know him well rite?
and all the stuff u said about him sounds like u r an anti. n few people above believe in you and u make it like he's the bad guy. i was there at the hi5 session and he responded well when we screamed his name and when he hi5ed us.even after the hi5 session ended before they left he posed for the fans and smiling all the way. if u know him well, he is the most serious member in the group but lately he's working hard in fanservice and i met him few times this year and he really has improved a lot. and he said hmmm when u said saranghae rite? he replied! dats just the way he is sumtimes he's a little bit in dazed n shocked but it doesnt mean he hates you or dont like his fans or wateva. i understand u r butthurt becoz this is ur first time meeting him and u have expectation but if u r really his fan u shud know beforehand how he is rite, and really he did amazing at the hi5 session. i was disappointed when i read this becoz i think if people read this they will misunderstand him a lot so thats y i think i shud left a comment here.

lee anna shim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lee anna shim said...

frankly speaking.. i just know who 2PM are and watched their shows on youtube etc.. to said me myself as a true hottest, i am far from that.. but well.. i was expecting wooyoung to do the same like nichkun.. *maybe* as i mentioned.. only he didn't make an eye contact with me during the hi-5 session..
and if you really are their fans.. you wont be misunderstanding with the statement that i made here.. right? because you know them better than me..

fyi, i just know that he is the most serious member in the group after the hi-5 session.. i didnt know about that before.. sorry..

anyway.. the other's fan service is really great.! surprisingly, junho keep smiling at me and junsu keep giggling when we had eye contact.. =)

last but not least.. thank you for drop your comment here.. =)

abez said...

0430, cool girl/boy.. ekeleh relax la.. btw y pegi hi5 tu ofcoz yang minat. ko ni cakap cmtu pon nak terasa. pende la. grr. HHAHA.

Anonymous said...

0430,dun be so so offensive la girl/boy, relax la..tu review die, doesnt means yang die tu anti.DIA PUNYA LA EXCITED CITE PENGALAMAN DIE, of coz die suke sebab tu dia bole ade kat situ. grr, kesian aku tgk kau ni. syok sendiri.


0430 said...

@liana oic u r new~~its ok then,,im sorry i was a little bit harsh on you at earlier comment,, and what i meant was im afraid if other newbs who read it might misunderstand~
anyway,welcome to our fandom =)


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