Friday, November 25, 2011

>> 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Malaysia..

salam to all readers..

dear HOTTEST..
i'm so jealous of you guys..
because your dear 2PM have concert here, in Malaysia..

but you guys will be even more jealous with me if you know that i just did hi-5 with them yesterday..
*evil laugh*

since i have class on Friday 5pm until 9.30pm..
so i didn't have the time to go to the concert..
and also..
no budget..

are you happy with that??

oh come on liana..
you have a lot of fancammers in the youtube.!!
just search for it..!

and yeah..
i found one channel that really have super best quality of fancams..

you make my day..!
i'm not regret not go to the concert anymore..

and also..
there's a lot of fancams if you just search about 2PM in malaysia..
or you can go to MY Hottest 2PM Facebook..
or follow their twitter: MYHottest2PM..
a lot..
i mean..
A LOT of things you can get..
just like the airport scene when 2PM arrived in Malaysia..

dear 2PM..
are you coming back next year?
i want to try my luck again next year..
i don't want to spend any money..
just try my luck whether i can see you guys or not..

but if TVXQ is coming..
i think i will spent a lot of money to them..
sanggup tak makan beberapa hari ikat perut lagi kot..


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