Wednesday, November 23, 2011

>>weird mind..

salam to all readers..

for past few days..
my mind seems like to run from reality..
i think of weird things again..
how weird?
how can i tell if i don't even know how to measure them.?

the feelings is here again..
again and again and again and again..~

the feeling of wanting to be a stalker is back!
oh no..!!

after reading TaecYeon's tweet:
 my stalking-feeling start to rise to the peak..!
because he stated that he will come to Malaysia tomorrow.!!

let me have some peace..
this feeling.. please leave me..!!

why i'm like this..?

lets come back to reality..
you have no chance to see them even if you follow them to airport and hotel and so on..
unless you buy a proper tickets for their coming concert..


i still hoping for miracles..
hoping for someone will give me a free ticket..
even though i know its absolutely impossible..

i'm here get ready in front of my lappy with my beloved streamyx connection..
waiting for all the fans in malaysia upload their fancams during the concert..
as always..


its seems like i already know the fact but still don't want to admit it yet try to hide the fact to myself so that everyone thinks i don't know anything about reality but in fact i know about it really well..

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