Friday, December 2, 2011

>> 2PM vs 2AM..

salam to all readers..

my friend, saiful ask me..
"What is the different between 2PM and 2AM??"



and i replied..
"2AM is a ballad group.."

"ballet..?? yang menari ballet tu ke..??" 
sambil buat muka pelik..

"oh no.. ballad.. nyanyi lagu balada la.."

"ala.. nyanyi lagu jiwang-jiwang.. lagu slow-slow tu.." hakim menambah..

luckily we are on the topic about those korean group..
but what if he asked the same question..
but it refers to time??

funny, isn't it??

shahid's statement:
"2PM bukan nama kedai ke??"
kedai mana pulak ni..

semalam aku kene tegur dengan shahid..
"liana.. tak sangka aku ko kan.. dengan 2PM ko hi-5.. ngan aku ngan qhari hakim sume ko taknak hi-5 pulak.."

how to answer this question eh?

for me myself..
i'm a bit regretful la doing hi-5 with them..
only and only if you know what is in my mind that time..
i never touch any men's hand before..
yet i simply hi-5 with 6 of them..
at first..
i want them to pat my shoulder..
but everything happens in a short period of time..
plus i'm over-excited at that time..
you know whats going on right..
i just did it..

maybe after this i should be more careful about this..
*dah berangan nak bawak Changmin jumpa tok kadi terus ni.. 
=_=" *

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