Tuesday, December 20, 2011

>> My life pathway..

salam to all readers..

believe it or not..
this is my future plan..
look at the date..
7th November 2009..
which means this plan was made during my first year..

can i live my life according to the plans that i made??
can i??

i have no confidence to answer these kind of questions anymore..
because my first steps seems so hard to do right now..
everything changed so much during my 2nd year of study..
so how can i move further??
i have thought of giving up this plan of my life..
and i try to search for a new one..
i mean the Actuary part..
but i didn't manage to see what can i do in the future..

and now..
i think i'm just go with the flow..
maybe i'm not strong enough in this field of study..
but i guess i can find my strength and use it as much as possible throughout the course..
just like what all my previous seniors did..

and most importantly..


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