Wednesday, December 21, 2011

>> Everything happens for a reason..

salam to all readers..

everything happen for a reason..
everything happen for a reason..
its not just a lyrics from 2PM-Without You that was sang by Nickhun..

but it is indeed a true story of our daily life..
believe it or not..
it is true..

everything that happens around us must have its own reason..
and don't make it look so bad that you will never see the goods around you..
be grateful to everything that happens in your life..

as for my case..

Tuesday night..
i check the solution for Life Contingencies online...
feels really dissapointed..
what did i write in my test is not the same as the solutions.!

feels that all my hard work doesn't worth it..

*crying in silence*

Wednesday morning..
i got to know my overall carry mark for English..
i got A..
in the afternoon..
i got my carry mark for C++..
again i got A for assignments and lab test, B for writing test..
so i can conclude that overall i got A for the carry mark..
for the night class..
i got my carry mark for Life Insurance and Takaful subject..
i got 33.9..
which also means i got A..
i feels hope again...

what i want to say here is..
don't really look disappointing on one thing.. 
and then you forget every good thing that you get..
you just need to think more positive and look forward to the future..
work hard for it..
don't let that little thing make you feel down..

it may not be a little thing, right?
but can't you just be positive and work harder in the future..?
i mean from now on...

listen liana..
you get 1 disaster, but you get 3A's for your carry marks..
no need to feel too rundown..
cheer up..!
and go study so that you can get as many A's as possible this sem..

you can do it..!!
Allah will always be by your side..!


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