Friday, December 2, 2011

>> Super Junior is coming to Malaysia..

salam to all readers..

are you ready, Malaysia??

3 members of your favorite group, Super Junior has tweeted that they will come here..!

oh noo~~~~

for what??

of course..
its for.....
MLive MOA..!!

but wait a minute..
why Super Junior is coming again..?
i think we just had Super Show 3 in March. right?
and also..
Super Junior M also have come here during Hari Belia Negara, right??

its soooooooo UNFAIR..!!
my ultimate biased, TVXQ has never come to Malaysia for the past few years..
and yet Super Junior is coming many times this year..???

SM Entertainment..
you are soooooooo unfair..!!!!!!!!!
*scream my lungs out*

if you ask me about the ticket price..
about the venue of the concert...
here are the details..

 one thing for sure..
they are coming to Malaysia today..!!
that is so true..
since i followed their twitter..

so MY ELFs..
what are you waiting for??
go to the airport now!!!

i mean...
stalk them..
stalk them...!
stalk them.....!!!
and take a lot of pictures so i can make a story out of it..



liyana said...

yes... changmin should come to m'sia too. kan? btw, listen to changmin singing hug in shim shim tapa.

lee anna shim said...

of course.. changmin didnt come yet.. JYJ have come last year.. hohohohoo.. someone please tell SM to bring Changmin & Yunho to Mlalaysia too.. T_T


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