Wednesday, December 28, 2011

>> Samsung Corby and 2PM..

salam to all readers..

i really don't have any idea that 2PM has been endorsing Samsung Corby phone..

seriously this is shocking news for me..
you all know i'm a Corby user since July 2011..

and i just found out about this recently..

and here are their respective color..

JunHo in minimal white..

ChanSung & JunSu in chic black..

Nickhun in cupid pink..

TaecYeon in energetic green..

WooYoung in jamaican yellow..
*errr.. WooYoung.. i like you but i don't really like yellow.. ewww~* 

not only a picture that i found..
i also found their CF or we can call it as MV..

oh my...!!!!
nickhun in pink..!!
my Corby phone is also pink..
oh yeah...

jodoh semakin kuat dengan Nickhun nampaknye..
ayat poyo terlebih lebih..
tambah-tambah pulak aku dah pandai tulis hangul guna phone kan..


walaupun lain batch..
but it still Corby, isnt it??

and also..
i found this..
performance of My Color..
*the title song of the Samsung Corby advertisement..*

as expected..
if we give each of them mike for them to sing and dance at the same time..
don't expect too much..
suara tak keluar la..
tak sampai la..
macam macam..
*ayat macam anti-fan..*

aku ni fan ke anti sebenarnye?
nampak macam fan..
tapi cakap macam anti..
pikir la sendiri..

peace no war..!

1 comment:

dayah said...

saya punya war na pink :D


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