Tuesday, March 22, 2011

>> minat..

korang..!! hot x mamat ni..??

aku minat giler ngan dorg..
giler minat la..
tiap2 hari kot aku menatap gmbr dorang..
korg je yg xtaw..


itu tipu..

i can't deny my heart la beb..!

the only celebrity that i loved the most is ChangMin..
2nd place is TVXQ.. consist of Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin & Yunho.. 

it's not because they are korean..
its because..
because they're korean..

but believe me..
i don't find anything special in all other guys (celebrity) la..

no matter if it is Americans or where ever country they come from..
i just don't really attach to them..
i'm talking about artist and celerity okay.
not an ordinary person..

for an ordinary person..
for sure..
i prefer Malay boys more..
in fact..
there's a few of Malay boys that i like..
just like only maa..
nothing more nothing less..
sambil2 tu usha calon2 suami kan..

p/s: kalau ashraf muslim tu kenal aku.. agak2 dia nak x ajak aku kawin..?? hahahaha.. =D

aku nk cari calon suami mcm dia ni la..
beriman, x merokok, pakai spek, baik.. 
real sikit kan..??


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