Monday, March 7, 2011

[My Story] : Chapter 3 - all being nice to me..

“wait.. is MBC station in Jeju Island..?  I don’t think so.” I asked with a blurr face.
“you’re right.. we’re flying there with my personal jet..”
“what..??” it’s totally unbelievable..!
Okay.. we’re going there actually. I don’t really know how to describe the journey because it  all feel just like in dream.. 

When we first arrive at the MBC station. The first one that i saw from far was Jaejoong..  i saw he looked at me, but he moved his head to another side.. it’s quite impolite for me. Huhu..  then Changmin brought me to TVXQ’s dressing room.. as expected.. Jaejoong is not there.. there’s only Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho and their manager hyung..

“anyeong haseyo..” i speak politely as i bow my body 45 degree..
“ahh.. anyeong haseyo..” they replied me the same way..
“이 사람은 누구야? (yi sarameun duguya?) *who’s this person?*” i heard Yoochun asked Changmin as he pointed toward me.. then he smiled at me.. =)
“this is our big fan.. i met her just a while ago at jeju island cafe..” changmin replied Yoochun in English..
“yaaahh.. Changmin now speak in English really well.. daebak..!” yoochun teased him.. and the whole room is filled with laughter..

They want to hug me.. but i’m refused.. looks like they understand it.. well.. i’m wearing my hijab, right.? So there’s no need to explain further. But they do give out their hand for me to shake, and i accepted it. Why..? because i wore hand gloves..! haha.. looks like really desperate of me..

We having a chat altogether.. luckily i understand a bit of Korean.. even it is only a bit,  at least we can communicate really well.. and i have 2 translator here if i don’t understand what they say.. Changmin and Yoochun.. but mostly we’re speaking in English.. hehe.. Junsu and Yunho’s English was improving a lot too.. so its not that difficult to have a chat with them..  they also teach me some new words too.. wow.. i’m so lucky being here..

“now it’s really difficult to find a fan like you.. you know.. since we’re being together back.. maybe it was too late.. many of our fan moved to the other fandom..” yunho said with a quite sad tone..
“really..? i don’t think so.. there are so many great fan out there.. as far as i know.. since you guys get back together.. i heard the number of Cassiopeia keep increasing until now..” i explain to him. Actually.. i lied.. because i didn’t know their latest activities anymore.. i’m not keep following them anymore.. why..? because i already left them since i’m with my ex.. huhuhu.. shhhh.. 
“eh..? really..? where did you get those information.?” Junsu asked excitedly.
“internet..” i replied him as i do some finger movements as i’m pressing computer keyboard button.. hehe..

Bla bla bla bla.. then suddenly Onew of Shinee and Victoria from f(x) come into the room.. onew said something to Yunho and i think it’s about their turn is next.. so the 4 members of TVXQ left the room and left me with Onew and Victoria.. only 3 of us.. its really awkward actually.. silence..  i don’t know what to do in front of them.. and they remain silence too.. and then i took out my diary and asked them for an autograph.. only then we talked.. but we didn’t talk much.. because i don’t know what to talk about.. after they give me their autograph.. we keep silence back.. it’s really awkward.. 

suddenly.. Jaejoong came to the room.. checking his group member..
“do you see Changmin..? i thought he’s with you just now..” jae asked me..
“me..? oh.. he went to the stage already..” i told him..
“he left you here all by yourself..? they leave you here..?” 
“yeah.. they said i can wait here if i want to..”
“oh.. come on.. follow me..” jae try to reach my hand.. and yes.! He pull me and we’re going to the backstage..!

As we’re on our way.. jae’s hand always with mine.. it’s kinda weird. You know.. some thingy feeling.. just like that.. i can’t do nothing except to follow him..
When we arrived at the backstage.. changmin saw jaejoong and me holding hands.. 
“yah.. how can you leave her in the dressing room just like that..? why don’t let her see what we got here..?” Jaejoong scold Changmin..
“but she said she’d be alright..” Yunho replied for Changmin..
“’s okay.. it’s okay.. i don’t want to be a troublesome for you guys.. never mind.. don’t bother about me.. just do your job nicely.. hehe..” i said.. then i smiled..
“okay.. you can wait here and see how we gonna perform later.. or do you want a VIP seats..? i got one extra ticket here.. you can seat there and watch us..” jaejoong said as he give me his ticket.. yeah.. it is really VVIP tickets you know..!the first row, in the middle.. and the distance between me and the stage is just a few meter..! wow..!

i really wonder.. why do they all be so nice to me..? have i saved the country in my previous life..? ooh.. this is Korean thought actually when you’ve been really lucky.. but i don’t know what have i done yet i received this kind of treatment.. from TVXQ you know.. wow. Really lucky me.. 

To be continued..

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