Tuesday, February 1, 2011

>> yeay..! i dit it..!

yes..! finally..! i did it..! i manage to do it..! yeay..!! a very special thanks to minnie minmin coz show me the way to create my own pages button in my blog..

at first he button did not show up.. oh.. seriously.. you need to be patience about this.. and then.. i just godek2 those thingy things about the 'edit pages' and tadaa..!! i've got what i want..! yeay..!!

and now my blog have this..!

when i have everything on this blog.. hehehehe.. you know what i mean.. do you..? ngehehehe.. anyway.. i'm very happy..! its all going smoothly as what i want.. Alhamdulillah.. =)

okay.. so, what's next..? hahahaha.. just wait and see.. peace..! (^_^)v

*liana.. ko serius poyo giler skrg nih.. gediks..! ahax~~ ;p*

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