Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[My Story] : Chapter 2 - Unexpected Meeting

a few years later.. i decided to take a vacation.. i want to stop being in my own little world.. after being lectured by my mom, my family and my friends.. i decided to bring my mind at peace.. for what purpose i keep remembered that scene..? and him..? it just hurt me more and more..

and now.. i'm here.. alone.. at jeju island..

 a place that once i've been dreaming to go since i'm 16.. wow.. the scenery is not that bad.. it's awesome..! much more beautiful than in the drama.. the sea breeze really can make my heart at peace..

as i wandering down the street when i'm about to go back to the hotel.. i saw someone that look very familiar.. i came nearer.. oh no..! its Changmin..! and he's alone drinking a cup of coffee in that cafe..! what..? i really can't believe my eyes.. for 5 years i've been his fan.. but i stop because my boyfriend don't allow me to since we couple.. but now.. he's right in front of my eyes..! i don't need to think about that b***** who dumped me and cause me this huge pain.. even more.. he want me to stop be a fan.. seriously.. he didn't know how much i valued this treasure.. and he tell me to stop.. he said i'm just getting hurt if i continue to be his fan.. but now he's the one who hurt me most.. not Changmin..

i make up my mind to come closer to him.. i don't want to lose this precious oppurtinity.. i came towards him bravely..

"안녕하세요.. (anyeong hasaeyo) *hello*" i bravely approached him..
"안녕하세요.." he politely replied me and bow his head..
"urmm.. 당신은 혼자에요? (dangshineun honjaaeyo..?) *are you alone?*" i asked him.. afraid that i would be such a bother..
"네.. 하지만, 누구 ...세요? (nae.. hajiman, nugu..saeyo? *yes.. but, who are you?*"
i smiled happily.. he talked to me..! he talked to me..!!
"owh.. err.. 내가 liana 입니다.. (naega liana ibnida) *i am liana..* 난 당신의 팬이에요..!(nan dangshineui paeni aeyo) *i'm your fan..!*" with an excited voices of mine..
he smiled at me and said, " 감사합니다.. (kamsa hamnida) *thank you*" gratefully..
oh no.. he keep smiling as he talking with me.. =)
"한국 아라요? (hanguk arayo?) * do you understand korean?*" he asked me..
"err.. 한국 조금 아라요 (hanguk chogeum arayo) *i understand only a little korean..*"
"then never mind.. i understand english quite well.. just be natural with it.." he said.. maybe he noticed that i'm not too confident using korean.. hehe..
"owh.. okay.. can i have a picture with you..?" i asked him..
after we snap the picture.. i have one more favour to ask.. for sure.. i want his autograph..
"can i have your autograph too..?"
"okay.. give me your paper.."
i search all over in my bag.. i didn't have any blank paper.. i just have my diary.. but.. never mind.. let him sign on my diary.. this will be the most precious moment ever in my life..!

"how long you've been my fan..?" he asked me gently..
"hurm.. i know you since 2008.. for five years i've been your fan but then i stop...." err.. 'why did i mention about this..? pabo..~'
"may i know why did you stop..?"
silence.. i don't want him to know.. i don't want to talk about this matter anymore..
"it's okay if you don't want to tell.." he acting cool.. this is the Changmin that i known all this while..
"do you have a girlfriend right now..? i mean.. are you dating..? 여자 친구?? (yeoja chingu) *girlfriend* "
"nope.. i've been dumped a few years ago.. and i don't think i'm ready yet to find a new lover.."
"나도..(na do) *me too*"
"진짜..? (chincha..?) * really..?*"
"yes.. and maybe that is the reason that brought me here.. and maybe its my destiny to met you in this place.." i smiled bitterly..
and we started to chat with each other.. and i think we use banmal in our chat.. because i'm also not sure whether my korean is the polite one or not.. haha..

we have a chat as we've known each other for a long time.. but this is actually the first time i met him.. maybe he's being comfortable with me as i'm not like any other fan girls that only said compliments and such things.. =)
after a few hours of having a talk with him.. actually.. we didn't realized that we've been chatting about hours until Changmin noticed it..
" i never thought that  i will get to have a chat with you.." i said it happily..
"well.. we never sure about what will happen in the future too.. right..?"

then he looks at his watch.. seems like he have a schedule after this..
"are you busy..?" i asked him..
"hurm.. sorry.. i have a schedule after this.. do you want to come with me..?"
"어디에..(odiyeo) *where?*"
"MBC station.. there you'll meet all of my members.. i mean.. TVXQ.."
seriously..! my face turn red.. not beacuse i'm shy.. but because i'm too happy..!! kyaaaaa...!! my teenage-dream come true..!
"seeing your face.. i assume you'd agree.." he teased me..
"oppa.. for sure i'll agree.. i've been dreaming about this for such a long time.. nobody even thinks that i managed to fulfill this dream.."
"okay.. kaja..! *lets go..!*"

to be continued.. 

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