Tuesday, February 1, 2011

>> hye there..!

assalamualaikum.. and hello.. happy new year..!! hahaha.. i know its kinda late to say that because now its already1st of February.. hahahaha.. oopss.. sorry..

anyway..this is my new leaflet of my life.. i mean.. new blog.. hehehe.. with the new URL and maybe some new things that i want to share with you guys.. hurm.. hopefully.. this blog will be much more enjoyable than the previous one..

to all my previous follower.. i'm so sorry.. i just want o upgrade my messy blog here.. and i ter'delete' all older entries.. but never mind.. i will repost those cerpen here in the mean time..

so.. how about this new template..? is it okay..? any comments..?

and i have some questions here..
how to make buttons on the tops..? for examples.. like this..

the one in the yellow circle.. if possible.. i want to use this template to make that things.. is it okay..? hurm~ any suggestion..?

and still.. i don't know how to put my facebook and twitter account to the these button..

it's not i'm very new to this blogging world.. i just want to improve my blog to be better.. hehehehe.. hows that..?

please help me.. =(

p/s: just suke2 hati jek tulis 1st entry in english.. hahaha.. agak poyo di situ.. kite tgk sampai bile ia bertahan.. =D

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