Friday, February 18, 2011

>> happy birthday, my love..♥♥♥♥

can you tell what day is today..? hurm.. let me tell you a brief of the story..

23 years ago.. on 18th February 1988.. a gorgeous looking little boy were born.. who is it..? do you know who..??

of course..! it's my lovely honey..! Shim Chang Min..!!♥

생일 축하 합니다..!!
saengil chukha hamnida..!! 
happy birthday..!!

aigoo.. you're 23 years already.. *in korea you are 24* so fast la you grown up.. love you forever, changmin oppa..! ~♥♥♥

for you guys information.. this year is the first time ever i had done something that i've never done before.. guess what..? i made a birthday card and sent it to him..! of course la via some organization.. because i don't have direct address of his home.. owh.. how much i wish i know his family' home address.. for sure i'll do visit there.. coz i'm his very-future-wife-to-be.. *berangan lagi..!* hahaha.. 

kan best kalau dapat potcard siap ada tanda tangan dari dia mcm gmbr ni kan..? huhu.. gile best..

okay.. xleh nk meleret panjang2 nih.. encik Life Contingencies dah memanggil2 saya nih.. err.. kan best kalau changmin boleh ajar aku LC sampai master.. hehehe.. okay.. tata..! (^_^)v

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