Thursday, May 12, 2011

>> plan bermula..

short entry..

liana telah mula melayan drama nampaknya..
bermula dengan SECRET GARDEN..

from last night until this morning..
she just finished 8 episodes of secret garden without skip skip..

liana is the type that don't like to drag and drag and drag when she watch something..
so she watch the full story even though its boring..
except for part 18sx scenes which is a lot in english movie..
i stressed here once again..
A LOT in ENGLISH movies..
so thats explains why she don't really like to watch english movie though~

back to the story..
liana just finished 8 episode of secret garden, right..??

and guess what..?
she really did it..!
she have 'puasa' drama for quite a while..
and now nampak sangat dia tgh balas dendam..
*gelak bangga*

p/s: cuti ini membahagiakan..

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