Friday, May 20, 2011

>>because i'm 20..

i'm 20 years old now..
and thats explain why my behavior is slightly different when i was young..
that also explain why my perspective sometimes become narrower than before..
or sometimes wider than before..
and its also explain what i see in many ways that i never thought of it before..

because now..
i'm a 20-years old 'little' girl..
or should i called myself a 'woman' instead of little girl..??

being 20 is great..!!

if its mean freedom for you..
if its mean you can do anything that you want..
think about it again..
I've been independence since i was young..
i can do anything that i want..
with or without permission..
even though at that time i'm not 20 yet..
i'm a good girl, maybe..
that's why i don't really feel like in 'jail' when i'm not yet 20..
because all the things i like to do is the good things..
the things that i want to do is all within the range..
so, who are the person that can stop me if i 'm still in the range..?

but now..
i'm 20..

and i start to think outside of the box..
thinking things that is outside of the range..
secretly.. without being noticed..
and you know what..??
if this is the freedom that everyone wish to have when they reached 20..
i wish i never grown up to know this kind of things..
because the thing is too ugly for everyone to wish for..
sorry to say this..
but almost all of us did the same, right..??

i'm just thinking of it..
never try to do it..
and yet..
i pray so that i will be protected from doing all that kinds of things..

i'm still in this good state..
i'm still breathing..
my family was fine today..
there's so much to say..
even words can't seem to be right to describe it..
just say..
for everything thats happen in my life..



trigyy said...

alhamdulillah... syukur..

lee anna shim said...

alhamdulillah... (^_^)


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