Sunday, May 15, 2011

>> gila Secret Garden..!

penangan cite secret garden ni mmg hebat la kt diri aku..
please la..!
sampai ke hari ini..
still terasa percintaan dua insan yg bernama Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im..

please la..!
aku nk tgk cite lain pulak..!
tapi xleh fokus..
i guess i must watch secret garden again..
only then i can proceed with other drama..

dont worry liana..
you've got a lot of time to do this..

what makes me surprise is..
he's got the talent too..!
he has the feeling..!!!

"This woman.. 
she can drive like a pro.. 
if she sees injustice, no matter who it may be for, she throw the punch.. 
she has no money, and her body is full of bruises and cuts.. 
someone who hates men like us.. 
she's that kind of a person.. 
i've never seen such a cool woman like her before.. 
is my answer..."

really hope someone will do this scene for me..!!
i mean in my real life la..

maybe i'm not a pro driver as her..
maybe i'm not that justice like her..
maybe my body is not full of bruises and cuts like her..
and maybe i'm not someone that hate men like Joo Won..
but i want my partner to say "i've never seen such a cool woman like her before.. and this is my girl." in that kind of way..
to get the feeling somewhat i'm a special person in his heart..
how i wish i could feel it..
in reality..
and i bet all woman want to hear this too..

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norsharmila said...

hee..cte ni nice la :)


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