Friday, May 6, 2011

>> funny mandarin..

for your information..
learning mandarin is not so easy..
because you need to pronounce using their sound..
and here..
mandarin have 4 sound..

1st sound : flat
2nd sound : increase
3rd sound : increase and then drop
4th sound : drop

different sound, different meaning..

for a quick example..
 wo wen ni..

if we use wen 4th sound
its mean 'i ask you'
but if we use wen 2nd sound
its mean ' i kiss you'

funny isn't it..??

a few weeks ago..
we do some of conversation practice in front of lao shi.. *teacher*
she ask me to say ' i ask you ......' to shahid..
guess what..?
i said 'wen' using 2nd sound.
and she's surprised..!
only then i know what is the meaning..

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