Tuesday, June 5, 2012

>> namja & yeoja..

when we talk about love..
how many of you will think it is a relationship between yeoja & namja..??
boys & girls??
man &woman..??

its right..
almost all of us will think that love is some kind of relationship or feeling what so ever just between yeoja & namja..

*sorry..i just finish with my korean you will see many of words that you might not understand..*

sarang.. love story..
no matter how i look over it..i just don't get it.. ini juga berdasarkan apa yg aku observe sejak kebelakangan ini..

why does all malay man want to blame korean drama if there's an issue about relationship..??
are you all just don't have the guts to date us..?
you don't have any confidence that you're not a handsome man as the main character in the drama..??
you're not perfect like the namja usually appear in the drama..??

then you start to spread rumours that we are too attracted to them..
its must be true that we are a bit fanatic..
but why the blame should you put on hanguk saram *korean people*..??
i can't understand that..

okay.. here.. specifically i said.. for those who love to watch korean drama..i know how its feels.. as  a girl..
of course you want to do the romantic-romatic scene or cutey-cutey scene just like in the drama..
am i wrong..??
coz i am one of them , too..

i've been thinking this over a long period of time..
since i started to layan this kind of drama.. korean drama, i mean..
if i'm not mistaken.. since form 2 i think..
i really want to do almost all the scene that the hero-heroin in that drama do..
they just  way too sweet.. and too lovably.. isn't it..??
and i do think..
maybe its just my immature thoughts..
maybe sometimes when i grow up i wouldn't wish it to be like this anymore..
to my surprised..
my feelings to do all sort of things is the same..!
except for one part..
i can't bear the pain of the love, i think..

since i'm 20 years old girl now..
i think..
i can separate what reality and fantasy is..
its a bit too far with each other..
but thats the fact that we must accept..

that namja should be perfect..!
handsome, rich, have manners, etc.

reality : 
no one is perfect in this world..  
so.. we can't search for perfectness.. therefore.. do you know what kind of namja that i search in my reality..??

of course its not like ChangMin.. 

but someone like Ashraf Muslim.. 

you got what i mean here.. 

that namja must be love me and only me through his entire life.. 

even if you get married.. there's might be a day that that namja was thinking of another woman.. right..?? 
and our religion also approve namja can get married until 4.. so.. do you have the right to claim that namja will always love you like you did..? sometimes i do feel its unfair.. but well.. i'm a woman okay.. and this fact makes me feel like don't want to get in relationship with any guys.. cause i think you guys cannot be trusted.. sorry..

namja must be so responsible.. 
he won't do anything to me even though there's only two of us in a small, dark space..

do you think we can trust namja that much..? 
huh.. you know.. when there's only namja & yeoja in the small, dark place.. there's always the third party..

namja that gives up everything for the yeoja is super cool namja..!

yeah.. its super cool.. but its not if he abandoned his own family.. right..?? if you give up your family just for me.. forget it.. seriously.. forget it.. do you think i want to go through that kind of life with you..?? huh~ 

that namja would try beyond his capability to reach into that yeoja's world..

 have you guys really did that..?? inform me if you did.. i think there's might be some.. but most of it just not sincere..

what else to be said..?
and now you can see clearly what kind of girl we are..

and see..
its clearly there..
the difference between namja in the drama and namja in reality..
tell me where i judge it wrongly..
*ayat mcm bagus jek.. haha*

but you know..
even in the drama itself..
it told us not to give in with any guys..
so that you can find the right guys in the end and live happily ever after..
but maybe the way they describe the guy is the way too much..
then all the girls are crazily searching for that kind of guy in this world..

 but i'm a bit surpirsed to myself..

we have a common in all that aspect if we compared it to English drama..
but i'm not into it..
because i refused to watch the reality..

what kind of namja are you..?

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