Monday, June 25, 2012

>> crushed dreams..

salam to all readers..

when people say;
"just pursue your dream.. no matter what happen.. makes your dream come true"

oh yes..
i believe in that words too..

dream big, they said..

if i want something..
i must work for it..

but in the end..
the things that will not make me keep moving..
is always the same thing..

its all about money..

bag of money

oh yeah..
people with money will say money isn't a key to happiness..
but when they got no money too, did they feel happy?
no, right?

people with no money..
will try to earned money to support their lives..
but people with a lot of money..
will try to make their money grows even more..

i want to do this..
i want to do that..
i want to try this..
i want to try that..
i want to go here..
i want to go there..
but why i can't?
because i have no money, and no one will ever bring me..

everything that i want to do, i want to try, or any where that i want to go..
i must do it all by myself..
there is no one that will offer me that kind of things..
and maybe that's why you said that i am someone that know what to do with my own life..

oh yeah..
life is so unfair..
but why bother?
the unfairness will teach us what we should do in the future..
everything happens for a reason..

the things that happens to me, i believe, will makes me stronger..

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