Wednesday, November 21, 2012

>> i kill you..

salam to all readers.

i don't know what happen to me.
last night, i dream of this.

i kill you..

i kill you with my own two hands.

with the tears flowing from my eyes.
i kill you.
with the regrets i have for ever being with you.
i kill you.
for every shattered trust that i have for you.
i kill you.
for every happy moments that i have with you.
i kill you.
for everything that happens between you and i.
i kill you.

you are my best friend.
but you are the one who turned me into a monster that i couldn't even believe it exist in me.
you find my weaknesses.
and yet you use it for your own benefit.
how cruel is that?

how i wish i could turn back the time.
to the time i will never have any reason to hate you.
to the time that we spent our days happily.
to the time i will never regret to be your friend.

but yet.
in my dream.
i kill you.

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