Friday, November 30, 2012

>> 2AM Hi-5 Event in Malaysia..

salam to all readers..

guess who got the pass to the hi-5 event with 2AM today?
guess who?
yes. you are right.
its me!!

the MC suddenly having a quiz with us to get the hi-5 pass.
i try my best to at least catch her attention so that she would ask me a question.
and Najjah (my best friend) also push me hard until i almost fell in front of the MC.
thanks to you, my friend, i manage to get her attention. 

"please say  I love you, 2AM in korean"

for sure la i answer ,
"saranghaeyo 2AM!"

then i got the pass.
unfortunately, i only got 1.
but its okay.
Najjah didn't really fancy 2AM.
so i got in alone.
once again, Thank You NAJJAH for pushing me! 


the best part is.. she just ask a question to a random 2 person.
and i'm the second one who answer her question.
so lucky!!

some pics i have taken:

one of the lucky fan got the Polaroid pic of Seulong with his autograph.
once again i mention, with his autograph! 

thanks for lending me the pic.

tak jumpa in person, dpt jumpa dalam gambar pun jadi la.

here are the few recordings that i made:

and here is the most important moment.
the 3 seconds of the day!

time moves so fast.
i just say "hi", and Changmin reply with "Thank You".

last but not least..
i want to say this..
"mission accomplished!"

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