Wednesday, June 8, 2011

>> frustrated..

its kinda frustrating if 

you can read it but you don't understand..

you can't read it but if someone pronounce it to you, you understand..

you understand and can pronounce it but you can't write it..

you understand, you can read, but you can't really pronounce it as the way it is..

you know, but you don't know how to talk back..

you know everything, but you can't have a chat using that language..


물라 물라...!!

so this is the FUN of learning other languages..


ilieatiqah said...

Tau xper....bab2 nk bckp nih, kdg2 mulut kita tak seiring dgn pe yg kita sdg fikirkn...Tensen kot...

lee anna shim said...

taw xpe.. lagi best bila malay-english-mandarin-korea bercampur baur dlm pale otak nih.. hahaha..

ilieatiqah said...

Haaaa.... Tu lg bahaya kot....kite jek yg phm pe yg kita ckp...haha...


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