Thursday, June 9, 2011

>> false hope..

it is so true that korean dramas and malay novels give false hope to a single girl like me..
because i'm always thinking that someone like those heroes exist..!
but in fact, its not..
they never exist, okay..?

thanks to many people that give me a clear view about it..


but, still..
i can daydream, right..?


ilieatiqah said...

Yup....kita mmg suka brangan....=p

lee anna shim said...

nk mcm kim joo won..! xpun mcm gu jun pyo.. paling koman pun Seth Tan la.. sebab dorg kaya.. hahahaha..

ilieatiqah said...

Hahahaha.....kalau ikutkn, mmg r nk yg cm dorg kot... Sape taknak beb.... =p


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