Saturday, June 1, 2013

>> mr. Calculator returns!!

salam to all readers..

i realized mr. Calculator missing on Monday night..
the next day (Tuesday) morning, i got one final test for final week of my final sem..
and mr. Calculator can't be found anywhere!!

can you imagine how nervous, stressful, worried i am?
can you?

no.. maybe you don't..

or.. maybe you can feel it too..

it's too late to buy a new one for the test..
because its night already..
and i have the test on 9.00 am..

by hook or by crook, i need to use the probability calculator to study..
luckily, non-para is not really heavy mathematics..
so, simple probability calculator still can calculate all the function that i want..

test is over..

however, final exam is just around the corner..
i can't really rely on the probability calculator for my final..
that calculator doesn't have most of the function that i need to use for subjects like Differential Equation & Investment ..
so, i really need to buy a new one.. ='(

my plan:
1. search again in my house at Pantai Permai..
2. search again in my mom's house at Wangsa Maju..
3. if none, then go to MPH buy a new one.. 

after step 1 is done, i directly went to Wangsa Maju..
suddenly, one of my friend called me and said, "your calculator is with me la.."
you know what i think?
i am grateful.. but why only now you tell me you have it?
i've been searching for it since Monday, and yet you only told me you have it on Wednesday?
oh sure..

well.. it is my own mistake too..

anyway, thanks for returning mr.Calculator to me..
its sooooooo overly dramatic missing-finding story of mine..

dear mr.Calculator..
please be nice to me..
don't play hide-and-seek again.. okay?
i'm so overly worried..
i love you!

now i'm in an official relationship with mr.Calculator..
since exam is just around the corner, so i need to stay with him longer than usual..
if you know what i mean..


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