Saturday, June 15, 2013

>> live stream..

salam to all readers..

untuk pertama kalinya..
aku mengikuti live stream concert..
konsert sapa lagi kalau bukan konsert TVXQ..

Tohoshinki Time Tour Live in Tokyo Dome..

Tokyo Dome tuuuuuu...
entah bila la aku dapat merasa untuk jadi sebahagian dari Bigeast dekat sana..
kene kumpul duit banyak-banyak ni..
alang-alang pergi konsert, boleh pergi tengok negara orang sekali..

first song: Fated
bila dengar je lagu ni, terus aku jerit mcm orang gila..
nasib baik roomate takde.. hehe..
dengar live stream ni sejibik mcm dengar curi-curi dekat luar stadium..
tapi bergantung jugak la kan dengan kelajuan internet..
kalau laju, best la live stream..
kalau slow, memang sekat-sekat mcm radio rosak la..

lagu-lagu yang dalam list tour kali ni sume best-best..
my favourite: Fated, Y3K, Android, Still, Rat Tat Tat
amazingly, almost sume lagu yg aku suka, semua lagu rancak-rancak..
selain Still la..
hohoho.. first time.. first time cik liana suka lagu ganas-ganas macam ni..
*ganas la sangat.. =p

seronok dengar live stream..
perasaannya sama macam tengok diorang live..
cuma tu la..
tak dapat tengok, dengar pun jadi la..
janji live..

satu je yang kurang seronok..
aku tak faham apa yang diorang cakap..
ye la..
kalau Korea, aku faham la jugak kan..
ni Jepun.. yang aku tahu, "minna-san, Tohoshinki desu!!"
*everyone, we are Tohoshinki!!*



twitter trending sedikit sebanyak membantu aku faham apa yang diorang cakap time ment tu..
oh yeaaaaaa!!

the content of their talk:

1. Fans are asking why Yunho look taller than ChangMin today..
like, seriously?
we all know ChangMin is taller than Yunho..
it must be because of the insoles in side Yunho's shoes..
Yunho, we caught you..!
hahahaha..naughty boy.. =)

2. Changmin : let's move on to the next song faster..
this is his favourite line in all concert..
he is the only one that like to rush to another songs..

3. Yunho talk about "We are T"
he said, they are really famous worldwide.. even his father know this..
when he tell his father "We are..."
his father will reply with "T"
so cute...
and the most memorable thing:
he mention MALAYSIA!!!

he said something like this..
"In Malaysia and other countries too.. when we said "We are", they all will reply "T" " 

sure Yunho, sure!!!

and to my surprise, this is not the only time that he mention Malaysia..
during the 9th or 10th June in Kyocera Dome..
Yunho also mention something about Malaysia..
and ChangMin said "Kuala Lumpuuurrrrr.."


its been a month already, and he still remember us..

i really hope you remember me..
the one that give you a flying kiss, and then you replied with hand-wave..

if and only if..
by chance, one day they have an interview about their live tour experience.
and Yunho said something like this..

"during our concert in Malaysia, there is one girl give a flying kiss to me.. so i reply with a wave.. she went crazy with it.. then for the second time, i saw her doing a big love.. i thought that was for me.. but then i realized, she is ChangMin's fan.. she keep staring at ChangMin through out the concert.. she didn't look at me at all.. and maybe, the only time that we have made an eye contact was during that only moment.. the flying kiss.."

you guys need to know..
that was really-really-really me..

Yunho, mianhae.. =p

4. ChangMin goes down the stage, and hi-5 with some of the fans!!
i can imagine he did that..
because suddenly i heard scream here and there...
ChangMin has changed.... 

5. Changmin: Tohoshinki treasure this moments more than anyone else
Yunho: this defines "once in a lifetime"

this is once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to meet you guys..
through a live stream..

my target: next year, go to Japan Tour!
you can do it, liana..
sure, you can do...!

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