Sunday, June 2, 2013

>> life lesson..

salam to all readers..

tertengok Paradise Ranch..
oh ye.. tertengok..
tertengok la sangat..

i hate that female lead..
not because i'm jealous or what..
but because her character really despised me off..

however, after some time..
i realized one thing that we have in common..

we both have a strong determination, but with different level of persistence..
 she really persistent, and sometimes leads to trouble..
meanwhile, i think i am someone who consider the good & bad first before make any decision even though i really want to do so..

for example..
she really persistence in protecting her family house..
because of the sentimental value of the house itself that can't be compared with money..

in my opinion..
if i am in her shoe, i will sell off the house..
i know that house has a sentimental value, and i also really want to cherish it forever..
but, to think of the future, i can't just live with those memories..
i still need to fed myself, to do something about my future.. 
with the currency value that keep dropping by each year to another..
the inflation rate is so high that you can't really live without money..
rather than keep the house in my possession, i will sell it..

what is my dream?
that is the really big question..
for sure, my dream is not about protecting the house..
and i'm sure it is not her dream too..
our dream is to live happily with our family members..
so, wherever we are, we still can be happy as long as we are together..

if the female lead is me, i will take the money, and buy a new house in another rural areas..
you can find even larger and more comfortable house that this..
logic, isn't it?

actually, that house has been sold to someone before..
so, to think again about it..
if your father really cherish that house, why would he sold that house in the first place?
to send her to college?
she didn't even go to college properly..
financial situation?
ermm.. maybe..

oh i nearly forgot..
that house has the memories of her late mother..
i know that feeling.. you want to protect those memories..
but, like what i said earlier..
until when you can live by those memories anyway?
don't you have bad memories too?
life must go on..

one more thing that i learned..
remember the good things..
and forget all the bad things that happen to you..
you will live a happy life..
this is surely true..

i'm currently trying to forgive and forget all those bad things that happen to me..
and i really hope i wouldn't do the same toward others..
i mean, the bad things..

i find it really annoying when someone try to disturb anyone else business..
well, just because of your life, you want the entire project to fail?
erm.. you might think of the consequences of doing so..
you want to protect your own life, but you destroy a few hundreds of workers' lives that involved in that project..
its not that the project is illegal or what..
it is legal, but well, maybe it is not really appropriate since it involves some scams in the contract..
but hey, the company willingly to give out the compensation twice of the market price..
it is more than enough for each of the villagers to move out and find a new house.. each..

korean drama sometimes do teach me these kind of lesson..
but sometimes the story line is too absurd, that those kind of people often met someone who really powerful and have a lot of money and can settle everything for them..
in fact, the probability of those kind of things happen in real life is really really really really low..

in my case, i have no one to settle everything for me if i'm doing something..
i'm always on my own..
well, i do get moral support from my family & friends..
but when something goes wrong, moral support is not enough to survive..
you need your own way to handle those matters..

whatever i do, however i did it..
i believe, that must be the best way for me..
we planned it, Allah decides..
believes Allah will always be by your side..
and He will always be there..


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