Friday, May 24, 2013

>> upgrade dream..

salam to all readers..

well, i've already meet ChangMin on 18 May 2013..
so this is the time to upgrade my dream..

so, here are my upgraded dream:

1. go for TVXQ Japan Tour (at least once)

this will costs a loooooooooooott of money..
money money, come to me...
and i hope by this time, i have a super HD video camera..
oh, money again..

every Cassiopeia will know the difference between 'World Tour' and 'Japan Tour'..
only common people will say both are the same..
in fact, it is totally different..
the songs, the theme, the concept.. almost everything are different..

2. Meet ChangMin personally..

spent a day with him..
well, this might sound silly, but who knows i could make it..
or maybe i'll win something like backstage passes or a date with him..
we didn't even know what will happen in the future..
it is not wrong to dream..

sorry YunHo, i know you are a part of TVXQ too..
but i don't know why i'm too concerned about ChangMin..
hope you'll understand..

p/s: even during the concert, i didn't even realize what YunHo did until my friend told me so..
hahaha.. i'm too focus on ChangMin..

this is the heart of your almost-die-hard-fan.



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