Tuesday, May 28, 2013

>> i keep thinking about him!

salam to all readers..

i think they might be a few reasons why i keep thinking about him all these time..
liana? seriously?

jaebal..!!! i want to focus on my study la....!!

maybe these could be the reason why..

1. he sings 'Confession' rather than 'Ting Hai'

well, i'm well prepared if he sing Ting Hai.. since in all previous tour, he sings that song..
unexpectedly, he sing 'Confession'!
the song which i'm deadly want him to sing in front of me, at the very beginning of the release of the song!
yup.. the first time i hear this song, i really hope he will sing this in front of me.
no lies..
the song is really heartwarming..
and have the loving-loving feeling..
and it has some kind of value to me..
*soooooooo romantic la you, liana.. =p

2. his smile after finished singing 'Confession'

his smile, his reaction really killing me..
i want to live..

3. he do gwiyomi
not once, not twice, but three times!

on the third time, he do the big heart around his head..
sorry, i can't find any photo for evidence, since i'm not recording.. =_="

this is the most unexpected among all the unexpected scene i've ever seen in my life!
he is doing gwiyomi!
he is the one who got really stiff when doing some aegyo, and now he's doing gwiyomi!
 i wonder if this is his first time doing some aegyo during concert..
 since the concert after this (TIME in Japan), he get really embarrassed after doing almost the same aegyo..

why he is soooooooo cute?

4. my seat is near the stage

yes, this may be one of the biggest factor among all..
since i can see him clearly without the help of the screen..

5. he waves at me 2 times!
at first, i thought only once..
but i keep replaying my fancam..
and i noticed, he waved at me twice!

6. he said "Sawa saya awak?"

toooooooo cute..!

7. he keep touching his head like this during the ment!

TVXQ maknae cuteness overload!

i still feel like i'm dreaming..
when in fact, that is the real things that i saw with my own eyes..

i really hope i can affort to buy VVIP seats for your next tour..
and i really hope you will come to Malaysia again..
so that i can save on transportation as much as possible..

TVXQ, i love you..!!

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