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>> politics.. politics everywhere..

salam to all readers..

first of all, i want to remind you..
i'm not into politics.
but there are a lot of stories and rumors spread widely these days.
and it becomes more and more and more uncontrollable.

you know what i think?

i think, if you want to get something, you need money.
this is fact.

they want the supports from rural areas, so they give out BR1M..
is it involve money, or not?

people easily become tempted when talk about money.
if you willing to give me RM1,000 right now to do something, without second doubt, i do it and take the money.
why? because i desperately need money to buy VVIP tickets for TVXQ concert this 18th May..
*just kidding.. hehe

for those who lives in the urban area, BR1M maybe doesn't help much.
so, they are considering Pakatan's manifesto, which is a drop of fuel prices, no tolls, etc.
well, it is really good manifesto, right?
is it about money?
it is about saving money.
maybe we can save much more than the price of BR1M.
who knows..

everything now has been decided.
BN now is the lead of the nations.
and it is not so surprising, actually.

i think, even without the help of the ghost voters, BN will still win the election.
because people trust BN so much.
and they find it hard to change the government to Pakatan.
we can afford to change the government once in 5 years, but for some people, it is miserable.
maybe this is for the government workers, or government 'macai' etc.

the situation here, 'Bangla' now have an IC..
they are now are officially Malaysian..
so, we must treat them equally to those who are originally Malaysian.
think about it..
in the future, they eventually will make a community, and then they will fight for their rights as Malaysian.
look what happen now..
why be so racist toward Chinese?
so, in the future, you will be so damn racist to Bangla too?

and what i see here, Malays will lost its power in our own country..
just because of those 'brilliant' ideas of the leaders.

you want Chinese to go back to China, and Indians to go back to India?
this is absolutely wrong.
they are born here, live here, study here, everything here..
they even contribute to our country, and you want them to leave?

we need each others.
that is why we are called Malaysian..
not Malayan, Chinesean, Indian, etc..

what is happening?
even in Islam, we are not taught to be racist.
we are taught to be friendly with non-muslim, and create a good relationship with them.
who know, we can attract them to convert to Islam..

so, what is the possible solutions are there to solve this problems?
can anyone think about it?

it sound like i support Pakatan or something, but it is not that..
Pakatan also have their weakness.
they did not convince people with enough facts..

1.  decrease of fuel price - they didn't really exposed how they can do that. in fact, the fuel price nowadays keep increasing.. i know they should be given some trust to lead the country, but people can't be convinced just with this statement. they need some explanations, or some methodology of how Pakatan can decrease 
the fuel price.

2. no tolls - it is good for tolls user, but it is not for the toll girls/boys who are working at the tolls for many years.. Pakatan didn't say how to resolve the financial problems that may arise if there is no tolls, so, people seem can't believe it.

3. no PTPTN. - this issue i already mentions in my previous post. click here..

4. free educations - free thing is good, but as you know, we pay our educational fees to pay the lecturers, campus facilities, exams and many more. so, if we don't need to pay anything, do you think all the teachers/lecturers will be teaching for free?

now, you can see that all involved money..
money is important..
so important that without money, you can't survive living in Malaysia.

to be frank, many of us did not vote for BN because we didn't want someone to be the leader of the country..
not because we're not trust that party to rule.

i think we may need some changes in the election as well.
which is: we can vote anyone that we like to rule our residential areas, and also the one to rule the country.
you know what i mean..
right now, the election we have is just to choose someone to rule our residential areas, not the one to rule the country.

let say for example.
there are 2 peoples, A & B.
A = BN representative - so good leadership, good management, everything is good.
B = Pakatan representative - also as good as A 

if you really hard-core fan of BN, of course you will vote for BN. and also otherwise.
but, what if you like BN, but you didn't like the leader of that party..
will you still vote for it?
with some rumors around, there is a high chances of you will vote for Pakatan.

and that is what happening right now..

so, i think we need to do elections to select the leader too..
not just for our residential areas, but for our country.
then everyone will be happy..
win-win situations.

to the leaders, you need to listen and listen and listen to people's opinion.
and consider them one by one.
that is what we call a good leaders..

not just 'ikut-kepala-kau-je' attitude.

lega dapat tulis panjang-panjang pasal politik.
first time nih.

well, maybe ade tersalah info or something..
tapi ini la antara rumors yang aku dengar.
sama ada betul atau tak, fikir-fikir la sendiri..

frankly, the moment yang paling aku tak boleh lupa pada 5/5/2013:
siang hari, aku tengok video bangla turun dari bas untuk mengundi.. 
dan bas itu terang-terangan ada lambang 1Malaysia.
malam: bila BN menang, Najib cakap, "itu semua tak betul. kejadian tu berlaku kat luar negara.."
terang-terangan ada lambang 1Malaysia, tapi kat luar negara?
agak-agak la..
kalau dia cakap, video tu diambil pada hari biasa, tapi disebarkan pada hari mengundi, kira boleh terima lagi la kan..
entah betul entah tidak.
siapa yang menyebarkan video tu, sila tampil ke hadapan..
dan bagi statement depan Ka'abah angkat sumpah bagai, sama ada betul atau tak..
* narcissistic giler kau, liana.. 

full stop.

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