Wednesday, May 22, 2013

>> [fanaccount] TVXQ Live World Tour 'Catch Me' in Kuala Lumpur..

salam to all readers..

and its time!
the time is here!

i'm gonna meet TVXQ...!!!!

i don't know how to say it anymore.
finally, one of my dream comes true..
*check the wishlist box over there -->

I've been wandering around Facebook pages for the tickets..
and finally, i got this..

and here is where i seat..

*refer to the small red star in this pic

can't believe it yet?
this is the view from my seat in the stadium..

i am so close to the stage..
omo omo omoooo~~
ChangMin Oppa! i'll be waiting for you!!

thank you so much Raichu Huynh for selling me the tickets far more cheaper than its original price..
in fact, it is cheaper than the half of the original price too..
and you are really the best Cassie i've ever met.!
i ♥ u..

and the concert begins..
for full coverage of fancam, you can find it at

here i would like to share a few fancam that i took with my own camera..
how i wish i had a HD video camera.. since the resolution is not really good..

its okay, liana..
next year, you must buy a brand new HD video camera..


YunHo's aeroplane got stuck in the mid air..
YunHo Oppa, its really dangerous you jump out like that..
don't do this again.. ever!

ChangMin's Confession

i thought ChangMin will sing Ting Hai, so it is really unexpected he will sing Confession..
this is really like i hit the jackpot!
i've been waiting to hear him singing this song live in front of me..
and he did!

he smile at the end of the song because he read this banner..
so cute of him..
and to the owner of the banner, you are really lucky because ChangMin respond to yours, cutely!


this is the clearest out of all fancams that i took..
oh yeaaaaa~

Like Now

i love their voices.. 
perfectly harmonized..
at this time, how i wish they were 5.. TVX5Q!

Catch Me

the highlight of the night!
recorded by Najjah..
i'm so excited that  i want to forget about my camera. so i let her record instead..

Keep Your Head Down

the comeback song..


you know how i fall in love with ChangMin when he scream in this song, right?
and yes..
he did it again!

last but not least..
this is not taken by me..
but i just cut it into the main point..

which is when ChangMin said "Sawa Saya Awak?" instead of "Saya Sayang Awak."
you are too cute, ChangMin Oppa..
your mistake is forgiven..
lets learn Malay together next time!

and here are few of the pics that i took inside the stadium..
actually, there's quite a number, but well..
everything is shaky..
thanks to my Parkinson hand especially when i'm overly excited.. =_="

and the best picture of the night goes to.........

the concert is coming to the end..
i really enjoy myself there..
thank you JPM Music for bringing the boys here..
hope you will organize their future concert too..
please, i beg you..
bring them back again next year..
please... please.. please...

the stage after the ending..

look how 'messy' is it..
it means that was really an amazing concert!

dah habis concert, baru sibuk nak bergambar.. hehehe..

with new cassie friends..

throughout the concert, i've been shouting more than 5 times..
"창민 사랑해~~!!!"
if anyone have heard some weird girl screaming like that during the 'silent mode', then it must be me..
and i've heard my voices in some of others fancams..
hope ChangMin will notice my voice..

"nak bawak balik banner ni, boleh?" bisik liana dalam hati..

oh ya.. the most heartwarming moment is when they are about to sing "Unforgettable"
we all fans hold up the banner "우리는 항상  여기에  있어요" which means "we will always be here" 

their eyes are teary, and YunHo's voices are shaky..
they are about to cry, but they manage to hold in..
i'm not..
i'm crying as i'm singing along together with them.. huhuhuhu....

TVXQ, please promise me you will come back again..

the 6 years i've been waiting for you guys..
it is really worth it..
i love you both from the bottom of my heart..

my sister in law said it is like i'm waiting for my boyfriend.. because 6 years is too long actually..
who knows ChangMin will really be my husband one day?

berangan liana berangan..

one more thing to share..
this is the only concert that gives out too many freebies..
i love it!
i got towels, mini red light stick, purple light stick, banners and also mini poster of TVXQ Catch Me in Kuala Lumpur..



mini red light stick & mini poster..

i love it to the max!!

this is the best concert ever i had attend..


Thanks TVXQ makes my dream comes true..

p/s: aku tak pernah suka seseorang selama mana aku suka ChangMin.. adakah ini dinamakn jodoh? hehehe..


Anonymous said...

hi liana !!! nice meet u~
안녕 liana!!! 만나서 반가워~

l'm kim.I from koren. and i ♥동방신기 too
난 김이야.한국인이고.그리고 나도 동방신기 좋아해

umm..excuse me If the sentence are a bit werid
음..실례지만 내 문장이 이상해도 이해해줄래?

becuz I don't speak english very well..
왜냐하면 내가 영어를 잘못하거든 ..*^^*

bye!! 안녕~

김예은 said...

hi liana !!! nice meet u~
안녕 liana!!! 만나서 반가워~

l'm korean. and i ♥동방신기 too
난 한국인이야.그리고 나도 동방신기 좋아해

umm..excuse me If the sentence are a bit werid
음..실례지만 내 문장이 이상해도 이해해줄래?

becuz I don't speak english very well..
왜냐하면 내가 영어를 잘못하거든 ..*^^*

bye!! 안녕~


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