Wednesday, July 3, 2013

>> emergency..

salam to all readers..

when there is an emergency..

"hyung..!! hyung!! that way!! that way!!"

Changmin oppa..
what happen to you lately??



김예은 said...

hi liana !!! nice meet u~
안녕 liana!!! 만나서 반가워~

l'm korean. and i ♥동방신기 too
난 한국인이야.그리고 나도 동방신기 좋아해

umm..excuse me If the sentence are a bit werid
음..실례지만 내 문장이 이상해도 이해해줄래?

becuz I don't speak english very well..
왜냐하면 내가 영어를 잘못하거든 ..*^^*

bye!! 안녕~

lianakhamis said...

hi kim!
nice to meet you too..
its okay, my english is also not that good.. hehehe.. (^_^)


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