Wednesday, July 3, 2013

>> crying.. again??

salam to all readers..

yesterday, i check my unofficial results..
for maths subjects only.
and guess what?
i passed it all!!

this time..
i cry..
sincerely, a joyful tears running out from my eyes..

there is one subject that keep haunting me..
even in my dream..
what if i didn't pass it?
what will happen to me?
all the negative thought keep haunting me..
and you probably didn't know how it feels..
and yes..
i passed that paper..

later, on the same day..
i found this picture of him..

ChangMin oppa!!
why everytime i cry, you cry too??
remember this post? *here*

ChangMin oppa, don't cry anymore..
we should live our life happily..
like you said..
there is no time to feel unhappy..

its okay..
its gonna be okay..

is this what we called 'fate'?
or 'destiny'??

*berangan liana, berangan lagi...

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