Monday, April 29, 2013


salam to all readers..

bila test dah berlambak-lambak..
baru nak sedar betapa pentingnya study secara konsisten..

it is far more better than study last minute..

miss liana need to finish up everything here, and find another life out there..

therefore, in order to do so, she need to study really hard..
and pass all the exams, so she can graduate on time..

korang mesti terfikir kan kenapa aku rasa graduate on time tu macam sangat penting gila bagi aku..
cuba la korang amek actuarial science, 
and once you feel like this is not the path for you, you want to finish it up as soon as possible..
tambah pulak nak lulus bukan senang..
nak tukar course? on the final year? gila ke apa..

Investment 2
Non-parametric Statistics 
Theory of Differential Equation
Philosophy of Science
Fundamentals of Physics

these are the final 6 papers..
hope everything will go on smoothly as planned..

liana nak kahwin ke? 
ahax.. no la.. 
takde calon pun.. =p

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