Saturday, May 3, 2014

>> secrets within yourself..

salam to all readers..

in life, there must be some thing or secret that you don't want anyone to know..
including the one who you think are the most trustworthy..
something that you just want to keep it by yourself..

i think its normal..
isn't it?

for me, that sort of things comes in may layers..
the first outer layer: only friends know about it - most of you are my friends
the second layer: best friends 
third layer: family & BFF
fourth and above : only me..

as what as i see..
people tend to judge me without even know who i am..

muka skema, ingatkan memang skema..
bila da kenal..
paham-paham je la..

yeah.. when you first see me, most probably you will think i'm kind of nerdy type.
yes, i admit it..
i am nerd..
but nerd who likes to think unexpectable things.
once you know me, you'll get what i meant by this..

to go to the second layer - most of you, i dont know why..
i'm afraid to reveal myself to you guys..
and i can say that i am too afraid your reactions afterwards.
i dont mind be rejected being your friend, but i mind what will you think of me afterwards.
the aftermaths.
its killing me when i think of that..
i guess my paranoia over these thing getting serious lately.

how to overcome this feeling?

i know i make mistakes because of this..
i'm sorry..
i can't help it..


NARDtheNERD said...

just be yourself dear.. mesti selesa.. :)

lianakhamis said...

thanks.. :)


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