Wednesday, October 31, 2012

>> MBLAQ songs.. seriously?

salam to all readers..

i just realize..
the connection between MBLAQ songs in their 4th mini album: It's War..

his girlfriend is the super-aggresive and dazzling type.
people can't take off their eyes from her. 
(Her Dazzling)

and then his best friend steal her.
(It's War)

a war begin. they ( the best friend and girlfriend) better run away.

after the break up, he still can't let go of his ex girlfriend.

and he give a simple advice to his ex-girlfriend.
don't be shy to say hi to each other the next time.
(Hello My Ex)

funny, isn't it?

ni la liana.
esok nak exam, hari ni la dapat ilham baru yang entah hape-hape.

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