Sunday, May 20, 2012

>> regret..

salam to all readers..

everyone have their own regrets in their life..
as a human being..
i'm also like that..

the most regretful action that i made:
make decision in a rush without thinking..

some people said that the decision you made when you're not thinking actually is the best decision you ever made in your life..

yes, maybe that's true..
but did you know..
the consequence effect of doing so?

of course, no..
because you just made it.
you didn't even think about it..

your life is so much easier than me..
you don't have any responsibilities like i do..
and you don't have many things that i have..
but yet you still consider yourself better than me..

what i don't have is self confidence and money..
what you don't have is yourself..

which one is better?

to dream high is not a sin..
to make the dream come true is also not a sin..
but the way you take to make your dream come true, is it really not a sin?
think about it..

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