Tuesday, May 1, 2012


salam to all readers..

semalam aku puasa..
tetibe je my supervisor tanya..
"can't you just replace your puasa now instead of puasa the whole month later?"
so i just said, 
"no.. we puasa now is just an optional, if you want to do it, you can do, if you don't want, it doesn't matter.. but during that month, we must puasa.. except if we can't.."

"can you replace your puasa ganti in advance before you really cannot puasa later in that month??"
"no.. i never heard of that case.. hihihi.."

cool jugak eh pemikiran dia sampai boleh terfikir ganti puasa in advance before Ramadhan menjelma..
setahu aku, ramai je yang tak habis ganti puasa..
tak pernah dengar pulak ganti puasa in advance..

but hukum is hukum..
puasa bulan Ramadhan tu wajib ye kawan-kawan..
puasa sekarang ni sunat je..
tak buat takpe..
buat lagi bagus..


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